First Post !! Let's explore the beauty this world has to offer :)

4년 전

 Greetings Steemians! <3

After a grueling long week of waiting I have finally been accepted into the steemit community and am so excited to meet each and everyone of you!
Below you'll find a few categories in which I'll be posting about. Do we have any similar interests? Leave a comment below and let's chat about our adventures!
a Pic of my wonderful familia :)  

Interactive Travelling Posts

I'm the type of person who loves to indulge and adapt into new foreign cultures. I'll be travelling to Vietnam in late April of this year and possibly stopping over Australia for the first time as well! Travelling solo, so I'll have plenty of time on my hand to record and interact with you guys on the wonders I am seeing :)

What do you guys want to see?
Amazingly cheap food ?
Picturesque landscape photography?
Cute monkeys and natural wildlife?
Let me know in the comments below!  

Fitness & Holistic
I have been into martial arts ever since I was 12 years old. My adventure started as kickboxing and has since then transitioned to Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu. I have been training Muay Thai for several years and have even gone the distance to Thailand to learn the traditional form of it. I have a blue belt in Jiu- Jitsu and have recently taken a break from the arts but will be returning soon ! When I am not training I like to keep myself in shape by going to the gym, going on hikes with my dog Jackie, and doing yoga!  

I am a huge advocate of natural and holistic foods as well. You'll find me positing about secret super foods that I add into my diet that creates a huge difference in my athletic performance that I can really feel!

 Adventures through the beautiful backwoods of Canada

I was born and lived in Canada my whole life. Though I only recently last year, had a breath of the amazing worldly backwoods that we are so lucky to have. It all started when my mate Andrew convinced me that an off road 4x4 vehicle was the way to go! That planted the seed of thought into my head. “Imagine all the vast unexplored landscapes that is just 40 mins drive away from home!” In the past year I have owned 2 Jeeps and currently own a badass Toyota Pickup named Bandit! <3

My friends and I love sitting on the tailgate by the lake with an ice cold beer in our hands accompanied by our high school friends 😊 Stay tuned for lovely photography of Canada’s wildlife and nature!

So overall,

I love living a completely nomadic life. I am a HUGE believer of the “zero regrets” lifestyle -Jeff Bezos and appreciate life so much I try to make the most of each day living a healthy positive lifestyle and resonating the love!
Thank you guys sooo much for taking the time to read my first Steemit post! I really hope we can keep in touch. If you enjoyed my first post all upvotes are deeply appreciated!! Leave me a message so we can keep in touch in the comments! ^_^  Have an amazing day Steemians! <3

                                                                               -Namstar, aka Bryan

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We have lot n common it seems. Looking forward to your travel, health and food posts!

Warm welcome to Steemit @namstar. Yes, lets live our life with zero regrets. Life is meant to be celebrated. Reading your introduction, you have lots of things in your life. Thats good! Steemit is the right place to share your experience, ideas and talents. Keep posting and you have an amazing day to!.. Steem on..!


Cheers my friend thank you! :) Followed you for your cool doodles

Wow! Great photos, look forward to seeing more of the Canadian wilderness. I too am a fan of the outdoors as well as Toyotas, and let me say that is a nice FJ :)


hahah no way brother where ya from!? That's my good friend's I'll pass on the message :)

Welcome to you to ! really great photos on your post too.! followed and upvoted


Cheers man like wise! Looking forward to your photography!

12 years mma experience? I beat people like you up ON THE WAY too fights. Jk bro

Steemit gang 💪


hahahahah get those pipes outta here mann ;)

Those are some beautiful pictures.Welcome to the steemit community I look forward to seeing more of your work I am following you. Please follow me also.


Sure thing man let's support each other!

Hey :) I love your first post! Can't wait till I see more of Jackie hehe


haha Thaanks Sori! <3 You can be the one taking the pics with your great eye ;)
I mean photography one not the -2.75 ones :D


Welcome to the community :))) I love the 0 REGRETS believe, i am the same!!!!


Ty soo much! Love your page as well! You seem like a wizard in the kitchen :)

Welcome to Steemit, @namstar

"living a healthy positive lifestyle and resonating the love!"

You're the right track! Thank you for sharing your story with us and the beautiful photos. I hope you have a great time here. See you around ;)

Happy Steeming!



Salamat maganda!! Dude your blogs are incredible! I am in the process of putting together more articles and I can't wait until it get's sunny and warmer here in Raincouver (Vancouver) Canada so I can vlog the shenanigans my friends get into in the sunnier months. Thanks so much for taking the time to check me out ! Happy steeming Gilaine :) !

Welcome to Steem. Do read A thumb rule for steemit minnows - 50:100:200:25 for starter tips.
Please bookmark Steem BluePaper and Steem Whitepaper and don't miss reading when you have time.
All the Best!!!


Thanks for the welcome and sharing those! :)

I love to see all the adventures that are waiting for you, and how much you enjoy life. I can learn a lot from that.
by the way. OMG canda, you live in one of the most beautiful countries, some day I will meet you there.

keep on going


Thanks for much for taking the time to check out my profile! Holla when your around Vancouver :)

So welcome again to this great community. I hope you will have a huge success.


Thanks my man! Checking out your cool crypto channel now :)


Thanks if you need anything just ask.

Welcome to Steemit, Bryan! We have a ton in common (yoga, health, travel, nature). Your dog is adorable, and I LOVE TOYOTA TRUCKS! We actually have an old red pickup similar to yours, over 360k clicks on it and still going strong! Keep making friends here and you'll have a ton of fun. Reach out if you need anything. :)


hahaha It's a Vancouver lifestyle isn't it?! Post some pics of that barn treasure sometimes! Thanks so much for checking out my page Katrina! See you around the Steemin community :)

Rad post Namstar! Canada is amazing. Looking forward to sharing our adventures. Yeeeahoooo!!!


Thanks brotha! It's a pristine gem I can't wait to share it with you guys :)

Hello there from Vancouver... heart of the fight against cannabis prohibition in this country of ours : ) Peace to you.


Likewise brethren ! :) I march side you in the battle!

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welcome to the platform !


Thanks for taking the time to check out my page means a lot! Excited to try out veganism and your recipes!

Hi Namaster, I totally dig the nomadic lifestyle, your travel photos are awesome and can't wait to hear more about holistic lifestyle !

Thanks for the follow :)
for anyone else here I just joined steemit, follow and I follow back and upvote

check my intro out....
And article, Mc D’s vegan burgers
hope you like :) ✌ 🐮

Welcome to Steemit @namstar. Look forward to reading about your experience in Vietnam. All the best

A big welcome for you! Nice to have you on steemit!:)

I always want to see a lot of healthy yummy food! 😉

Very kool, man! Looking forward to seeing pics of your travels. Sounds like you're living the good life!


Life is what you make of it right my man? Thanks for checkn me out brotha! See you around :)