So, how did you hear about STEEMIT?

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I came across steemit by coincidence, browsing through the internet and reading about cryptocurrencies, I was lucky to find out more about it as I started liking it because of the cleanliness of the pages, no ads at all!!! Lol!

So Tell me how your steemit story began at the end of my page.

Now this is a little about me

My name is Andres I’m 39 years old, born and raised in Mexico until the age of 17.
I finished high school here in California in a city called Belmont, graduated in the year of 1996.

Originally my plan was not to stay here in the United States, I only came here for a year to learn English and to become more fluent in the language.

-With my daughter Kiara-

I still had a couple of plans for what I wanted to do, coming in from Mexico in the year of 1995 I had the opportunity to experience my very first International tournament at the university of Taipei Taiwan.
As a teenager I became national champion of TAEKWONDO for three consecutive years coming from a long journey since I was seven years old practicing this lovely sport.

-At 17 years old-

Once I graduated from high school my ideas started to change a little because if I continued competing in tournaments I knew that time was going so fast that I needed to make a decision if I wanted to continue or if I wanted to study a career which in my case dentistry was my first and only choice because I loved it from the moment I started reading about it and obviously, Since my dad is a dentist in Mexico that became a very big influence on what kind of career I wanted to study.

Back then I did not have any problems deciding what I wanted to do So I went back to Mexico after going to a couple of classes during the summer to Cañada College And decided that I wanted to study dentistry in my birth hometown which is Morelia Mexico.

After two years of studying the career I was so convinced that I didn’t want it to continue on, at the end of the second year Given that I failed one of the classes and had to wait a whole year to continue with the career, I was a little discouraged.
Then I decided to move back to the US and I was very interested in the dental technology side so I started working for a dental lab and learning all there is to know about dental restorations from the beginning to the end, I worked a big company for a while and then moved on to a different lab which was smaller.

That’s when I started learning the most, I got married in the year 2000 and decided to start a family, now I have two beautiful children (one 17 and the other 7 years old)

They continuously make me want to be a better person and also better myself, which recently I decided to continue on with my career in dentistry and went back to Mexico to finish my studies, this has been a little difficult given the circumstances that we need to make money in order to survive, I could not move back to Mexico permanently unless I had something secure, but I am still on the same kind of focus to eventually finish my career because I truly believe that it is my passion without any doubt and I honestly can say that I would love to help so many people with their dental needs.



One more thing that I especially love is to sing, although not too many people know and only family members and close friends so given That we have the opportunity to show ourselves exactly like we are I will be uploading some videos with some songs sang by me, so please if you are a musician or singer I would like to hear your input to better myself and try not to terrorize all of you guys with my voice lol!!

I didn’t want to make this too long because I think I’m already talking just too much, so thank you for reading and I hope to make new friends and watch this community grow in a really really positive way!!

Special thanks to @jerrybanfield for creating good videos full of good info so we can progress with our learning, I truly recommend his videos if you want to become and expert on knowing about this excellent platform.


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¡Hola, @neneandy!
Bienvenido a la comunidad de Steemit...


Gracias @lizjim por aquí nos veremos mas seguido jejeje.

Hi, Nice Post ! Welcome to Steemit community ! I am really glad you are here Keep up great work and enjoy the journey ! I hope you enjoy here ! will give the vote to you, Please upvote & follow me....


Thank you very much! excellent I will follow also!

Welcome to the best community ever which values our hardwork . Hope you'll have good time here. Gud people are waiting for you... Feel free to share what you like with me and be in touch @sarinakhan ... visit my blog if u like and upvote


Thank you @sarinakhan! yes, it's all about growing in the community! I will follow :)

Congratulations on your personal success! Is that your partner? She's more cute than a box full of puppies!


Well thanks for the comment,jeje that is my daughter brother, and yes she is the most beautiful and precious thing in the world to me.


It's so hard to tell, Mexicans look young for much longer than gringos XD

beutifull picture @neneandy
if you visit to my post


Thank you! will do!!!

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This is an awesome post! I started on steemit because a friend was telling me about crypto currency and it came up. I also too Tae Kwon Do but I only made it to yellow belt before puberty hit lol. Looking forward to more from you.


Thanks brother! Yes in the works!! Hehe👍🏼

Wooa, You have a great idea , Bro .
You show your beautiful daughter and then
say you are a TAEKWONDO champion . Respect !


Thank you! Nice meeting you! :)