How did you discover Steemit?

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A friend on skype. Word of mouth :-)


Is it ok to hijack top-comments like this if it´s relevant? I heard about it from this podcast/hangout today

Via @itsmein3d, thanks dude!

a Google result pointing me to this intriguing post: ... I still can't recall what my keyword search was, but it wasn't any word contained in that post! (Maybe something about Ethereum that I looked up from another article?)

From BitShares community.


from a "April Fools Joke" post on bitsharestalk,22125.0.html

On Twitter.


Did you see an ad or just a random post?


Someone holding a twitter account called Steemit started following me on Twitter. Their account description intrigued me to investigate Steemit myself.

I was perusing altcoins and found STEEM coin. Then read a post from @tuck-fheman and realize if he was accepted by the community I would be accepted with no problem. :>)


Same here. everyday at least once. I saw this crypto pop up with such a big marketcap I was intrigue.


LOL, that's pretty funny. @tuck-fheman has done a lot here!


Haha! He's the man once more. He's the equivalent of youtube superstars.


Yep, he deserves some downvotes now!

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Same for me, sometimes i check in the top 20 to see if there's anything new project worth investigating and that's how i eneded up here.


I also found Steem coin on while looking for new alt coins.

Word of mouth in a crypto chat room, before STEEM mining ended. I struggled to get it to run and only came back to it 2 days before it ended. At that point I hadn't joined slack, and had no idea about Steemit. Now I know. :)

I found steemit on a YouTube video from growing videos on Californiagreen420. Many Youtubers are tired of being censored. Steemit is much better in this respect. This channel was taken down and now appears on Instagram. Soon to come to Steemit?

I was recruited from by a user that went by "arrggg". Whoever they are they don't use that name on Steemit though!

I was lured here by a cryptoctopus. He was posting bait on other boards.

I just saw someone post a news article about it in r/bitcoin! I'm still not sure how this actually works, but I write about pets and Ill try putting it on steemit

I found a reference to Steem on one of the crypto forums, and was intrigued enough to come and check it out. Like what I am seeing so far.

a friend gave me my 1st ether on i begin to follow where i found steem

I discovered Steemit after seeing a post by Stellabelle on my other social networking site! I'm excited to be here!

I have been following Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Onecoin for some time. I see Daniel Larimer as a crypto thought leader and followed him to Steemit.

YouTube, Mike's real estate dojo, Freaking awesome real estate investor/entrepreneur. Thanks Mike! & thank you nextgencrypto for this post!

I discovered STEEM when it was trending in the top gain position. I researched and found Steemit. I was really happy to find Steemit. My Twitter was suspended and once free from the Periscope partnership agreement I found DLive. I've been on Steemit every day since creating and account on I've elected to take the venture further. I feel it's the best micro investment I've made into crypto currency. I entered crypto currency in January before the crypto crash of 2018 that we all can remember. I follow a lot of Steemian's. I'm interested in creating bots that can promote the future music artists I choose to produce. I have an idea to create 10 tracks live on DLive and upload them to @DSound. Today... I was lead in another direction thinking of ways to win @SteemMonster packs. Thus far my highest earning post is over 69 at this moment with major upvote coming from @DTube. I placed my new album lyric videos on DTube exclusively. I'm a live broadcasting music producer and gamer. I develop Wordpress sites and have had luck with the @steempress-io. The @Steemit experience has restored my hope in crypto currency. I've found success using a multiple of minnows in @MinnowBooster, @MinnowHelper, and others! I'm enjoying this one post at a time. I'm saving for a trip to Switzerland. I'm hopeful to achieve greater results as time passes. I feel that I can have the career in content generation that I've always wanted. I feel that my developments will allow me to advance my music industry prowess. I believe that when I'm a few years into this creation that I'll have a significant following. I'm hopeful to make music for future stars of the industry. I know that my connections in upvotes on Steemit can advance my future. I feel that Steemit can provide me with financial security. The top population in video tab that day took me to @jerrybanfield. I'm thankful for all those that contribute to this community! I'm going to continue producing the kind of content getting results. Today, I want to work out a tutorial that defines how to place a card on @Steembay. I'm interested in contests and anything that can result in a win of SBD or @SteemMonsters. Great question! Happy to answer!

Yours truly,


I found it listening to a crypto podcast while driving using an app I found called "Podcast Addict". It's great for crypto news and led me here from this interview:

went to to see what MUSE was up to.

I discovered Steemit through Flipboard mobile app under the category 'blockchain' Super excited about this project. I love reading about cryptos and am looking forward to contributing altcoin profiles in lay terms. I wish everyone well in our adventure.

Word of mouth via TradingView chat box

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I read this article that someone wrote on steem (I forget which one). When I first visited I thought it was some news agency web site that wrote bitcoin articles. It ended up being something so much better and bigger than I could even imagine. I spend more time on steemit than I do on reddit now. I'm not just saying that for upvotes or anything, it's the 100% truth. steem content I've found to be much more enjoyable.

Thanks @juanlibertad for introducing me to the site

On reddit.

First Time on

I am very new to the Crypto and Blockchain world. I found the Dash community by watching a video by Amanda.B.Johnson on her youtube channel 'THE DAILY DECRYPT. I was in DashDigital slack as i normally are everyday, when one of the members posted a link to a post he had created in steemit. He also said it was a great oppurtunity. As soon as i clicked the link and saw the name and realized what steemit was, a flashback came to me on a video i saw with the @piedpiper interviewing Amanda in this video then i put 2 and 2 together and realized it must be a legit platform, and whynot give it a whirl:)

I saw an article on that popped up on my Google Play Newsstand.

My mom told me about it after hearing from @dollarvigilante ~ she said there was a call for artists, and I organize a group of artists from Toronto ON called the ETA emerging Toronto artists - today we conducted a social experiment to see how many we could get to join and at least 20 have so far .. One girl - you just voted on, has earned $1200+ on her art post. Everyone's getting pretty excited at the response and should be able to get a lot more involved over the next few days.
So yeah, Jeff is the source of all this :)
Our community is tagging "THRIVINGARTIST" as a way to identify us. We hope to make this tag to the "popular" list to represent artists who are on that "next level".
Thanking you for your support for Eva.

Through my twitter skype group

Through a friend actually. I asked him about bitcoins and he pointed me to Steemit. He said if you're creative and can create your own content try Steemit :)

Ive been here a couple of days, still finding my way around and trying to understand the new terminologies, and how things work but so far so good. Wish I knew I couldnt delete a blog though!

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From a raise in STEEM volume on Bittrex ;)

by misspelling DAO in google (see

I was googling about ripple and a search result diverted me here. I am so glad that I did it. :)

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I heard about Steemit on YouTube. The one that finally sent me over was Silver Slayer (YT channel)

(Curious if this post is still being studied)

Funny history I thought it was a steam from games. I open an account and was trying to understand were to post. In fact I was waiting in a lobby room to play some online game. Hahaha! I gave up for 6 months and I returned now ... Now I know the difference ... steemit not steam HAHAHA!!!!, I was researching the Blockchain products to use as services.

While reading through articles on cryptocurrency on the web and watching related videos in youtube.

This is two years old but it wouldnt be a crime to comment. I found steemit through a friend I met at a forum, Immediately he told me about it, I read and did my research and was reluctant a bit until I just gave it a go and here I am.

I saw a thread on Bitcointalk entitled "Synereo vs Steem, which one will lead the decentralized social media revolution?" and thought, hold up, where was I when this was happening! Did a bit of research into both. Looks like Synereo is in it's early day. Steemit has this working beta, that's easy to use and will make sense to the target demographic (in my view). So I decided to kick it's wheels and give it a test drive. Going well so far.

My boss!

I am an African cryptocurrency enthusiast from Nigeria. While searching the net for information on crytocurrencies (bitcoin to be precise) I came across the cointelegraph and it was in one of its articles that i read about steemit. Since that encounter my crypto focused life has not remained the same. We are very few on this continent working on getting the people on the (crypto "dark continent") With the guys on steemit I am sure we will get it done.