Hi, I'm Nicash! 👋 #IntroducingMyself

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Hello, dear people of Steemit!

My name is Nicolás.

I am Argentine, from a city south of the province of Santa Fe called Venado Tuerto.

I currently live in Rosario and study Medicine at the National University of Rosario.

I met Steemit by getting interested and investing in the world of Cryptocurrencies.

I found on this platform an opportunity: share

Share knowledge, experiences, opinions.

Teach and learn; grow yourself and help make the community grow.

So I told my brother Matias (@hestiafull) about this and we decided to embark on this adventure together.

My interests are very broad: 

💻 As a child I became very interested in the world of computing.

🎸 I love playing the guitar (and recently I bought a Ukulele).

🎑 I studied in an agrotechnical school, so everything related to it is to my liking.

🔬 Currently studying Medicine, I am fascinated by physics, chemistry, biology.

🐁 I am a Rata Blanca fan (Walter Giardino is my maximum idol, in my profile picture I am in the last recital I attended)

🎶 I love listening to Coldplay, Callejeros, Silvio Rodriguez ...

🏆 I'm a fan of Club Atlético San Lorenzo de Almagro.

🌟 I'm a fan of How I Met Your Mother and The Lord of the Rings.

📺 I Love House M.D., Game of Thrones, Modern Family, The Big Bang Theory, Friends, The Simpson...

In short, I think I can not list everything that I like because it would never end ... but that this serves to make it clear that my posts will be the most varied themes.

I share some photos with you so you know me a little better:

Venado Tuerto

Birthplace of the march "San Lorenzo", composed by Cayetano Alberto Silva.

The city where I was born and raised.

I'll tell you the legend behind your name sometime.



Escuela Agrotécnica Salesiana

"Concepcion G. de Unzue"

La Trinidad - Buenos Aires

(my high school, famous for its Dulce de Leche)





Birthplace of the Argentine National Flag



Facultad de Ciencias Médicas

Universidad Nacional de Rosario


My family

Celebrating my dad's 60th birthday, together with my mom and my 4 brothers.

Here with my brother Matías (@hestiafull) making some noise 🙉

In the recital of my idol, Walter Giardino.

Recently entered the concert of Coldplay in La Plata on November 15.

The most beautiful show you can imagine.

And finally, watching my favorite series of all time.

Well, here concludes my presentation post ...

I hope to contribute with the content that makes this great community grow more and more.

@hestiafull and I count on your support 👍

A hug to everyone and I hope we'll see you here!

Here the certified photo that my brother (@hestiafull) suggested 😉

..:: Nicash ::..

Original Post "IntroducingMyself" in Spanish

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Thanks, bro 😝


hestiafull es parecido a vos. ! jajajajaja


Ohh!! Gracias, amigazo, por tu voto!! 😀
Te sigo!! Un abrazo 😊

Hey, I'm Oatmeal Joey, and I love your photos, life, and I play guitar, piano, sing, dance, write, draw, web design, basketball: and I love Game of Thrones as well.

  ·  3년 전

Hi! @nicash ´m waiting for your new post. Don´t enter in HIBERNATION mood. Jejejej.


Jaja, noo... Pasa que selecciono el material a publicar. Ya me voy soltar un poco 😁

warm welcome dear


Thanks! 😊

Hey Nicolas, welcome to Steemit! If you've got any questions about getting started just let me know and I'll try my best to answer them for you.

Feel free to check out my blog if you like, I cover things like cryptocurrencies, making money online and gaming.

All the best :)



I have difficult questions as Newby. Curious to see if you can help me?



Sure, I'll check out your post :)


Hi! Thanks! 😉

Welcome to Steemit. You will love it.


Thanks! I will surely do it 😎

Welcome on board :)