Hello Steemians! Let me introduce you my Sunday life!

2년 전

oh sunday.jpg

Hello Steemians! Let me show you my Sunday life!

Are you curious? My name is Nikola, born in the Czech Republic, based in Prague - but with all my heart in South Moravia.

I have always had a deep passion for traveling and photography. Over the years my passion for travel continues to stem from my endless curiosity of exploring new countries and experiencing new cultures. I always knew I wanted to travel to be part of my life (job) but I didn´t know exactly how I would make it happen. Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life. Tip toe if you must, but take the step.. So my another small step is Steemit! :)

Over the past couple of years I managed to learn something about photography but it´s still a bit of a challenge/fun for me. I really appreciate all your comments and I'm always interested in hearing from my family, friends or just interesting creative folk to share ideas and skills.

I do hope you will enjoy my #sundaylife articles and photographies.

P.S. Sometimes.. things are easy like sunday morning...

With love Nikollette Sunday


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Hi Nikollette... welcome to this platform, I wish you success.


Hi celioeguga, thank you very much! :)

Jižní Morava? :)) hezký...

Welcome on Steemit! We looking forward to your sunday life!


Kekos thank you for support in all ways .)

Wohoo - so excited to have you here Nikol :) Welcome to the world of Steemit and enjoy the ride! :) Might well be one of the greatest rides in your life :)


Wohoo .. Thanks a lot! The world of Steemit is still one big mystery for me but I will enjoy the ride to the fulliest. :)

Ahoj Nikol, vitaj medzi nami;) Už sa moc teším na tvoje články z Peru.. želám veľa zábavy a verných sledovateľov:) Steem on! T.


Ahoj! Vidím, že mě předchází pověst.. Každopádně moc díky a z toho Peru sem určitě něco hodím :)

Hey there :) if u want to write in ur native tongue, there's #cesky tag if u r interested. Nd ofcourse welcome!

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Hi matkodurko! Thank you :) I’ve already posted introduction in #cesky tag.

Hi @nikollettesunday, nice to meet you and good to have you in the neighborhood :)
For our journey I also got a new camera and want to work on my photography skills. I love to shoot full frame so it got a used Sony a7 with a prime 35 mm lens. What setup do you like? Looking forward to see some of your photos! Bye bye


Hi @waytohappiness! I have read your articles and I do hope your way to happiness is better and better. You have new fan! I have canon and my technical skills are very poor but you will see. Have a nice day!


Thanks a lot. We are still at the early stage of telling our story. Unfortunately our wifi is usually to bad (as we are traveling at the moment) to upload photos and complete the posts. But right now in Sumatra we have a chance, as the connection is good enough for some new content.


This is shot with my 35mm Samyang lens, pretty cheap one. As I am a documentary filmmaker I like to shoot reportage and landscape. But I am still working on my skills - as you can see the shutter speed is not great on this one E4F48003-8C56-4D52-BDB3-E67CA91022B7.jpeg

Steemit is a really good choice, and the community is great! Welcome! :)


Hi neluu, thank you! I do believe the community is great! Have a nice day! :)



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Welcome nikollettesunday!
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Vítej na Steemitu ;-)
Klidně tu můžeš něco tvořit i v naší milé mateřštině či ve slovenštině, jsme tu fajn komunita a pak můžeš použít i tag #cesky. Jak už zmínil @matkodurko ;-)


Ahoj, díky! #cesky se už stalo :)


To mě těší ;-)

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