The First ICO Backed By a Publicly Listed Company is Now on Steemit and We are Bringing 350 Million Users

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Hello steemit,

We are Nitro.Live

Niki Nichadev, Head of Communications unveiling the Nitro (NOX) Token at Block Show Asia. To chat with Niki or another member of Nitro staff about the Nitro ICO, join our Telegram Community.


While everyone was choosing sides in the BTC / BCH civil war, and Segwit2x managed to still hard fork today in silence, while Parity wallet holders pray to Vitalik to unfreeze their ether, and GPUs struggle unsuccessfully to mine Bitcoin Gold, while YouTubers bicker over the ethics of crypto-lending platforms, coin futures, and trading on 100x leverage, one of the largest publicly traded video game companies in South East Asia just tokenized their content and is putting over 350 million users on a blockchain.

"OH NO, another ICO."

WHATEVER! When winter hits your HODL, start getting used to hearing, "where were you while we were stacking NOX?"





Contact us on Telegram for support.

So What Is Nitro?

When you participate in the Nitro blockchain platform, through purchasing NOX Tokens, you acquire a stake in the growth of the first ever democratized global video game industry.

The Nitro NOX Token is no altcoin. It's a utility granting institutional investors exposure to the cryptocurrency market without the downside of extreme volatility.


NOX is a unit of value providing gamers the viable support needed to make a living playing the games they love.

How Are Games Made?

Most importantly, the real value proposition NOX offers is through the Nitro platform and marketplace, as it allows entry to the video game development industry and empowers the raw creativity of aspiring developers through the support of a global decentralized community.



Contact us on Telegram for support.




The Nitro NOX Token ICO Pre-Sale starts today, November 19th, Sunday. We are currently running a private sale for institutional investors, but all investments are kept public on the blockchain. Visit Nitro.Live to get your tokens, or join our telegram community for more support.


The alliance between iCandy Interactive Limited and Nitro is what happens when you combine an established legacy of success and achievement in the gaming industry with the disruptive innovative power of blockchain technology.

The result of such a collaboration is a global team of experienced professionals with a diverse range of advanced skills to contribute to the blockchain technology ecosystem and a project that many gamers, developers, investors, advisors, and other stakeholders have been anticipating since Satoshi's whitepaper, and who all passionately want to see succeed.

picture control.jpg


Here is iCandy Interactive CEO Kin Wai Lau,
@kinwai, talking about the Nitro NOX Token on CNBC

The Nitro NOX Token telegram group has been growing fast and it's the best place to get information on how to access Nitro NOX tokens during our presale, between Nov. 19 and November 23rd and our Crowdsale December 1st through December 26th.







White Paper:








Contact us on Telegram for support.

The Nitro Team would like to give a special thanks to @freethink, @papa-pepper, @vmsolutionsltd,, @kingscrown, @lexiconical, @acidyo, and @ramengirl for producing extremly high quality and engaging content that helped us get the hang of what steemit is all about.

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truly powerful team of

Hey! Glad to see you guys in here, have been following the project for a while.

Could you verify that this account really belongs to someone from the Nitro team? Just so we can feel more comfortable with our votes.


This is good to see.

Hopefully the account will be confirmed soon!


will be first ...

I hope your not here just to promote your ICO that’s starts in 30 minutes 🤭🤔


Of course not @stackin, we have been on steemit for a while now scoping out the gaming and development community, but as we had yet to do an official introduction article, we figured, no time like the presale.


From September only 14 posts (13 - comments, 4 made here). Please... don't lie


For a company profile on steemit, for an organization as large as iCandy Interactive, 13 comments is a lot. They clearly read a lot of steemit content. Look at all of their voting activity.


Look where...


Hi @abbak,

I have been using the steemit More Info extension for so long, that I can't remember whether this information is available through the normal platform. So here are the screen shots of their voting activity for the past few months since they have been on steemit. There are too many to actually post here, but you get the picture. It just shows they have actively reading content and curating before posting themselves, which if everyone did would probably make steemit a lot better, imo.


where do I find this extension?


Google chrome


glad you guys doing great


)))) This image super

  ·  3년 전

Welcome and to good luck with the project ! Looking forward to there will be interesting publication :)

Good news and better tidings for those who missed on Bitcoin during the early adoption. It's a chance of a lifetime. Have had Nitro ICO rumours and I hope this is a confirmation. Thanks guys for the good work, count me in!

Love the ICO and waiting for pre-sale.


@inegoveritas we will for sure cuz...


Thanks for updating and sharing informational article with pics and helpful videos. hope for the best for your project ICO. good luck.
2017-11-18 21.41.07.png


They are damn hot

Hi, happy to see you men in here, have been following the venture for some time.

may want to you confirm that this account truely belongs to a person from the Nitro group? simply so we are able to feel greater comfortable with our votes.


This is completely amazing!

My only question is why can't the "investor" exchange for ETH on demand???

Very interesting. Any possibility to look at your roadmap? Thanks a lot


@williambailey thank you for asking. I forgot to include it in the post. Here it is.

The Road map can also be found here on the Nitro website.


Thanks a lot :)

Good luck with the project ! Wish the best........

May you advice what is Nitro's strength, compared with some others gaming platform that currently release their token and started the ICO already ?


Good question @sonny.dharmawan

The immediate answer would be that Nitro has access to a potential user base of over 340 million users through our parent company iCandy Interactive Limited.

There is also the fact that we have Kin Wai Lau front running the entire project who has launched multiple successful gaming and technology companies, is on the board of directors of numerous firms and has established himself as a major public figure in South East Asian tech hubs frequently featured on CNBC, in Forbes, and Bloomberg.

have any accnt or ann in btctalk ?



Yes. Our bitcoin talk channel can be found here.

beside that Nikita is a beautiful woman, what does this project have what other gamers projects do not... What is your business model, and why to tokenize it. Would be happy to read your comments...


First 350 million real users ready to roll on the platform. Second @kinwai spearheading the project as he talks frequently on CNBC, Forbes, Bloomberg etc.. Finally, when you say Niki is beautiful, take into account that she is at every Blockchain event ..EVERY ...worldwide event promoting Nitro. So my question to you @blockbazari is how can you even tell there are other platforms like ours, when Niki is in the room?


Hi , first thanks for your answer, although it was not to helpful for an potential investior. I went throuh your above posts and I have some questions:

  1. You above say that, if we invest in NOX whe are holding a stake. Can we summarize that a NOX token is like a "share" of your platform?

  2. You are talking alot about participation in the Nitro platform. When this platform will be launched and how this is going look like, for example like a crowd-funding website?

  3. Business model: are you going to fund and help smaller developer to get their games on the market? This would be kind of social, and the community would appreciate it...

  4. How are you planning to enter this oligopolistic market and to gain a share in it?

  5. You mentioned also 348 million are user/gamer backing you. How do you plan to atract this user/gamer to be part of your NOX/NITRO platform? How are you going to reach out to them as they are distributed individuals and not yet part of your network, I guess.

  6. How are you going to make money?

Thanks for your answers. And yes we all admit that Niki is beautiful and very good communication manager (; however this is not a game changer in the industry (:

sorry for the bad spelling I am a dyslexic... (;


· your such a big team but still I have no answer...


come on, who needs a business model, just look at the pictures of the ladys... thats absouletely enough...

I just love what im seeing. Last time i looked #nitro was up to 48 people invested with a total value of roughly 2.3 #bitcoin . If this hits the ground running it could truly change the #videogame world and put the power back in the hands of its funders.


We nearly reached the presale target.

Whatever your selling, just take my money! Following!

I'm not really a gamer though I did invest a small amount in the Dmarket ICO on the recommendation of a buddy although wishing I hadn't. Anyhow, again I'm no gamer but I believe there's now Dmarket, Wax and Enjin, do we really need another?


Hello @rulesforrebels

If you are asking if the decentralized blockchain revolution needs more options or if we should just settle on a few key players having control, then I think you already know the answer otherwise you would be investing in stocks instead of crypto.

In respect to those other projects you mentioned, if you look closely, I think you will realize we are larger than them on every scale ...COMBINED.

Wow amazing, I would be following this. Anything about the money aspect? What's the minimum investment amount, how many tokens do we get


Hello @anaman

The minimum investment for the pre-sale is 5ETH, and you get 4000 tokens. It's much lower for the crowdsale.

Good trickery there making pretty women the face of this ICO.
Gamers do readily part with their money in attempt to please pretty females.

Regarding the users claim..

348 MILLIONS existing users
Infrastructure from existing business of over 348m players globally

You really have no existing users. You intend to acquire them or market to them in order to migrate them into the marketplace. They are not guaranteed as participants. They are only held as audience to the current games and those that iCandy wish to acquire. Only forcefully migrating them to the marketplace will see that number factual.

iCandy seem to only do MOBILE GAMES. That's it.

Curation: A panel of industry experts will curate Promising Game Studios (PGS) and submit video-game funding proposals to the Nitro platform.

There is no expertise outside of mobile games to give the impression that there will be much diversity. I don't see the value for developers and gamers outside of mobile. Also, just seeking to tokenize gaming is not revolutionary or disruptive.

The First ICO Backed By a Publicly Listed Company

Not impressed with their performance.

It just looks like iCandy as NITRO has acted on the realization that ICOs are succeeding at raising big amounts of funds. Has spun a great deal of 'revolutionary hype' in order to obtain a slice of the huge wealth possibilities existing in gaming.



If you think Niki's face is pretty wait till you get a load of her mind on crypto and gaming. You will be pleasantly demolished.

Let me get this straight. Bitcoin's potential million dollar price hangs in the balance based almost entirely on 3rd world country mobile remittances, but us cornering the market in mobile gaming is as you say "not disruptive."

ICandy Interactive had over 20 million games that involved in app payments, and now we have over 348 million, and we also have institutional investors seeking exposure to the crypto space. It's on you whether or not you recognize the value that is already in our business model, but if you look closely your position sounds no different from someone on CNBC saying Bitcoin isn't a store of value, or that banks will never get involved, short sighted and ill informed at best and dangerous to those seeking some stability in this market.


Hey I look forward to that demolishing. However, I care not for physical appearances as I am not a teen with the need to see 'boobs shake'. Not that this is her trick. I just made an observation that this is a clear marketing strategy. Which is evidently working. Noted by some of the comments here.

My question was not towards your model. It was more raising the point that you are somewhat promoting a falsehood when you say you bring 350 millions gamers. When the market you intend to create is yet to be manifested. As stated, many of that audience might not wish to partake. It is obviously a massive number though so even a slice of that is still valuable.

The other point was in regards to the ICO promotional videos alluding to gaming in the broad sense. Seen as the videos show console gaming and even PC gaming. However iCandy have not expanded outside of mobile gaming. That's the concern when you proclaim that you have experts. One thus realizes that the token will remain as a mobile gaming token and not seek to insert itself into markets outside of that. So for this I arrive at the 'not disruptive' claim.

I'm not disputing that mobile gaming is not a huge market. Though by the growth that you are proclaiming, which I do believe, the stock price should be somewhat higher. That is why I reached the conclusion that it is possible that iCandy are expanding into an ICO primarily to raise revenue for existing investors. Not an uncommon element of many ICOs. Even if they do proceed to then launch what they outline in the white paper. There's massive wealth entering ICOs, it's again common for a business to remodel in attempt to acquire some of that.

Your reference to me as CNBC is laughable though. I'm not at all skeptical on crypto and certainly not late. I simply do research when analyzing an ICO. For myself primarily. I proceed to share that opinion simply because I believe that the information attained is relevant and in the interest of the public.

However, although I used to add a disclaimer at the end of an opinion. I no longer do so as I am not a financial adviser firstly. Secondly, anyone making investment choices based on another person's view is not my concern. You should also not react so rash to an individual opinion. Specially if you believe that I am incorrect.

I do believe and should have earlier added, that there are positives with this coin offering. I am however not a fan of mobile gaming. I see it as over saturated with repetitiveness. Innovation is stagnant. My view is that the potential exists in industries centered around professional gaming, now becoming more and more accepted as 'eSports'. This would be in my opinion, the market you should seek to infiltrate. With institutions even offering scholarships for gaming, the future growth will take console and computer gaming to great heights.

Whereas mobile gaming, even when devices become more and more powerful, will always only exist to serve that niche of 'boredom killer'. For this I do not see the console and the PC becoming dethroned any time soon. Also what has made eSports boom is that viewing others play games is huge. Even outside of eSports, you can see this in the many streaming services that have become popularized and even monetized due to more and more individuals seeking to simply watch rather than play.

I have not done research on these phenomena but I would believe that there are endorphins released from the interaction element that has popularized it. As video game streaming with the social interaction element was essentially a combination destined to exist. Such industries are essentially cemented into human society. Growth is a given. I would consider these markets if I was in your position. Thinking about a token in this space actually makes perfect sense. As the attention is already there. Rewarding that attention is a win win.
This is just my opinion though.

We'll take a a quick break and be back with the weather.


Ha! She could be a weather girl though. Maybe her next gig.

Hi, apart from gaming can the token be applied anywhere. Or it's strictly for the gaming community


Hello @jaynesquill

Think of the token like steem or steem dollars within a steemit platform that instead of being focused on content it's a seemingly endless number of games that are played that generates the value and the transactions. In addition to this there is an indie gogo like platform that assists with the funding and development of new games. In addition to this the token is traded on exchanges.

I believe this answers your questions.

Good news and better tidings for those who missed on Bitcoin during the early adoption. It's a chance of a lifetime. Have had Nitro ICO rumours and I hope this is a confirmation. Thanks guys for the good work, count me in!

I love the unicorn logo.
quick question...when NOX will be tradable on exchnanges? As soon as the ICO ends?


We are in negotiations with a large number of exchanges and currently having an audit processed. We should be traceable shortly after on virtually all of the top tier exchanges.



Thank you very much for the reply. What will happen to the unsold tokens after the crowdsale period? Will you burn them or distribute proportionally to public donations or proportionally including the reserve and the other categories or something else?

good luck, upvoted




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Quite an interesting concept, curious to see how this will pan out. I'd be more than happy to speak with you and/or your team more about the project.

I got into mining as a hobby but it was my marketing company that I made the money from to purchase all the crypto I have over the last few years. Wondering if I could lend a hand in regards to your marketing and social awareness.

Please don't hesitate to respond!


Hello @empiremining.

I encourage you to join our telegram group and please let them know you came from steemit, so I will know it's you can we can get this conversation rolling about our bounty program and other ways for you to get involved.

-No clear info on how much the company earns(since the games are free we dont know if the games earning enough money and if this payment method will increase the income)
-No clear info of the company showing that they own the games and they are the company that they are saying they are(Record from Australian trade organisation or something official)
-No clear info that the board of members and employees are really working in that company.(It is not hard to imitate.)
-Idea is good but not new.
-Even if everything is real, wedont know if the managers are capable of managing the mass money(In the past really great ideas collected millions of dollars and because they couldnt know and they couldnt manage the money to invest on right things they were bankrupt so do the investers(us))
-Another thing is that they are promoting to reach 348 millon users but when you read a little it goes down to around 20 millions and they are trying to explane the ' potential' 348million.(Makes me think they are trying to look bigger then what they are and this strategy is not trustable)
-I am not saying that it is bad but after a lçshort servey i can say that it is very risky with lack of information. The biggest informations are video with a beautiful girl telling about icandy and the geek looking employees in the back + number of 348million, rest is not really mentioned.
-Please be very carefull and search as much as possible before investing your 'hard earned' money.


We are very real, and all of our data is public record.

Here we are on NASDAQ

Here we are on CNBC.

Here is iCandy Interactive CEO Kin Wai Lau,
@kinwai, talking about the Nitro NOX Token on CNBC

As you stated, it's not hard to check our records on the ASX, I advise you to do so.


-Lets think that it is an opportunity for you to be able explane things better to the community who doesnt really know what to look at.
-Tell us your predictions about the price in the future and why?
-What is making you different than the others. Is it only that icandy is supporting you as 3,5 million dollars worth of company(according to ASX) in a 109 billion worth of mobile gaming market. (Just for people who dont know about the market company named supercell (clash of clans owner) worth for more than 10billion dollars.)
-How are you going to reach 348 million users?
-Why all the big game producers like 'Clash of clans.' Etc. Who are making the biggest money will prefer your payment method?
-Just explane things other than only saying 'This will demoratise things'. Just answer the questions that even a small project needs to fill.
-Please dont get me wrong that i dont say you cant do these but it needs good explanation from your side.

Good luck with your ICO.

Glad to see another great ico

Let's see how good this brings then... resteemed. Happy to check on the details later.

But so far, looks BAMMM GOOD IMpacT Marketing!

First promoted posts is all nitro stuff ;D

Any contact or partnership with GAMECREDITS or MobileGo? Just curious if this will end on competition.

wow!!! big potencial here : ))

This is interesting , and surely a great thing IF implemented into games correctly! But I have a question for, can we earn nitro any other way except ICO or after it? Mining(?), as I still find this project not for and crypto exchange. For sure Interesting but not attractive enough YET, not that it won't be!

Good And large group!Hope to buy some coin!

Very nice decentralized platform. 🍭

Follow me and Send SBD 0.001 with your url as memo for Resteem by @jossylink

It's a pretty exciting time for Cryptocurrency.

I am seriously investing to nitro token because of the girls on the picture. thats all what i need to see :))


me too

This is the future of the gaming industry! NITRO is also backed by a publicly traded company. Only see great things here!

If ICO is all to make, what else left

Have nice a dreams....

#fuckyourico & #shitcrypto

If its not #btc #ltc #eth #xmr ~ your the following above.
Stop trying to buy TOKENS and just get bitcoin to $1,000,000~$100,000,000 even then you'll have more money then what this can do for you in 4000 years.

  ·  3년 전

NOX them down.

Best of luck for your project ICO...

owesome.plz my comment reply i hope you given

very cool hope I can like that someday

nice good publication
thank you for youre effort

So good...

Hello, congratulations for your achievements in this beautiful community. I would like you to visit me on my blog. and support me. it would be great. thank you very much

Please upvote my post and following me...
Please please please...👏👏👏

minimum 5 eth? good luck



For the Pre-Sale yes, but it's lower for the crowdsale, but you have to take into account that institutional investors are already involved as you can see on the bar chart about 5 mill invested already.

It would not be fare to give value away on their investment.

Summary: If you participate in the pre-sale the value is already there for you to gain. To participate you need 5 ETH or 0.3 BTC.

Interesting. Very good introduction about yourself and the service you provide to the community. Well done

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Thanks for this valuable information.

wow nice info i will follow after understanding completely...thanks for sharing

wow ....
awesome, thanks for sharing

Nitro my a$$...everytime u had a serious question...u point at another nitro a$$
I hope u enjoy kissing ur own asses... If not.. Replay back


@abbak7 what are you talking about? Need NOX?

Blockchain gaming market is geting crowded, but Nitro looks like really big project... Wish you all the luck :)

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Hello Your project seems exciting

Good publicity! But gonna check more on it though. Good post!

Looking forward to this ICO!!

  ·  3년 전

Good content and quite interesting. Thanks.

Upvoted and Followed.

Sounds interesting. :-) it's really nice to see you here on steemit. upvoted and followed you so that I can get updates from you. Follow and upvote back to have look on blogs written on NITRO by me @mwaqar17

are you serious?



More serious than you could ever know. Our investors are serious too.


Very interesting project. I joined your facebook bounty.

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Congratulations to all of us !

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Good to know. Good luck with the project an keep the good work up!

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Great collection. Thanks for sharing

wow how exciting, should make steem skyrocket a lil, HOPEFULLY CROSS FINGER LOL Welcome! This sounds like a big move for you guys and looks like this might be a way to set the road for many. Very exciting. I will be reading more on this, best wishes.

Wow....amazing information......😎👍

Please follow me

This is interesting , and surely a great thing IF implemented into games correctly! But I have a question for, can we earn nitro any other way except ICO or after it? Mining(?), as I still find this project not for and crypto exchange. For sure Interesting but not attractive .i have a qution abiut it it is really working or said lot of games they introudece ,i think these games are hard to win.

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Very cool!

I'm gonna follow your project ;)

This is going to make me a millionaire

Nice, thank you for your ICO !

What is ICO full meaning?

Hello Everyone, I hope you are enjoying Steemit!

This is a great place with a great community -- glad to have you around!
follow @gauravgpt60 for future steemit instructions to get much better results.

I will have to check into this further.....thank you very much for the info

Nice work! Go get it!

Very good news

I am beigging you all for upvote my comment please

nice ! i'm super happy great job !

Great! Will take a look at it!

  ·  3년 전

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Keep on the good work....follow&vote me. pls:)

Sounds awesome

Nice to see an official introduction. Hope the project has great success.

This is simply awesome!

Good job you guys......👏

Wow Amazing

Exceptionally intriguing. Any plausibility to take a gander at your guide? You're the best

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i need your support

Both Electroneum and Nitro are targeting the gaming industry. Want to see how it goes and who will be the winner. Invested in both and waiting for profits :)

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Nice. Worth looking into.


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