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3년 전

Hello my friends.

I would like to introduse my self with my art, and show some paintings to you.

My paintbrushes are dancing on my white canvas making alive my dreams. My dreams that were locked in my mind.
The key of that lock was lost for good in chaos of cruel reality of life. It was so simply my friends to look for that little key and find it.
That little key that would bring me back joy, PEACE and first of all the way out from black - empty nothing to have fun......

You can click the image to enlarge it
Painting Dreams

At last after a long time I was somebody!
I spent time just for me and my dreams. Suddentlly my world was beautiful colours. No sadness, no emptyness.
Everywhere there is light!!!
We just don't look at it. We have to search arround oyr little world...
I found this beauty of life by drawing my dreams.

You can click the image to enlarge it

DARE my friends!
Dont be afraid to do even mistakes. It 's a wonderfull mistake if it can take away something negative from you. (negative mood, negative thought....)
Everything bad will just dissapear at once!

I hope you like my drawing dreams and I also hope I can help somehow too...

Enjoy Life !!!

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Beautiful paintings! I love the waterfall painting. Its so peaceful. I followed you and upvoted. Feel free to do the same for me. I look forward to seeing some more of your art work show up on my feed.

Welcome to Steemit. Can't wait to see more of your art

Bravo Ntina, your style of painting speaks of them coming from dreams.

Maybe you should name your portfolio "Dreams Expressed" (Όνειρα Εκφραζόμενα)

Most artists need to experience darkness of the soul and pain for them to grow towards their potential. I hope whatever was needed is over with, as talent also needs peace and joy, even an ecstasy for life, for it to grow in ways that round off what you have already achieved.

I've put you on my feed, so I hope to see more of your dreams (PS: When I first saw your waterfall, -I have bad eyesight, so don't get upset with me- I thought the stream above the waterfall is a tear in the paper, making it look like the water is coming from a different reality. Maybe you'll have such a dream someday).


Τhank you very much my good friend!
Your words was helpfull !
My dreams already have more and more colours from beautiful life openning new orizons to my mind!
Thanks a lot for your support!💕

welcome to the team!!!! :D

Welcome on board sweet Mama. Of course upvoted and resteemed


Hello Ntina can't wait to see more of your paintings, if you like space hit follow on my wall. :-)


Hallo to you too 😊

Welcome my sweet @ntina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks a lot champion💕

welcome ntina, lovely artwork. hope you have a great experience on here, it is a great community, don't get disheartened if things are slow to begin with, keep on keeping on.


Thank my new friend!i' do so!😊

Welcome Ntina!!! Amazing job :) Keep steeming


Thank you !

Excellent publication, Welcome to this community, I give you my vote of support and I invite you to follow me my friend, and here I leave one of my last publications I work greetings


Thank you my friend!

welcome to the era of freedom

Hi. Welcome to this wonderful group of steemit, I hope this tool helps your life better.

I invite you to visit my blog, here I leave my vote.

Hi ntina
I`m a fitness blogger in korea.
I hope we have a good relationship in steemit.
My wife is also artist in korea.

Please keep touch !

Welcome to Steemit Ntina! :)

Καλώς ήρθες στο steemit @ntina ! ! :D


Ευχαριστω γλυκεια μου😊

  ·  3년 전

You mean introduce? Love your art, i followed you;)

Welcome to steemit!!
glad to have you here stay stunned...
You can follow my blog @hrishikeshmatre
your paintings are awsome!!!

Welcome to Steemit @ntina!!!

..... και τώρα κούνα τα φτερά! Καλή αρχή😊

Welcome Ntina!!! Καλωσήρθες!

Καλως ηρθες στο Steemit , @ntina . :)

welcome to steemit! :) καλως ήρθες!

Welcome to steemit sister :)

Wow Beautiful art @ntina Do check out my posts too!

Welcome to steemit community

that waterfall piece is legit. like it a lot, welcome to the platform! you will love it here.

Welcome to steemit!

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