oceanwhale Offers 100% daily profit for delegators

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Hello everyone, @oceanwhale is here to support minnows.


oceanwhale is Old bid bot on Steemit which Gives you 100% Daily Payout To Delegators. We are Back Again All our Delegators Receive 100% Reward earned on daily basis According to There Steem Power Delegations. It will provide you profitable votes for Steem Dollars and Bids in Steem also accepted.It will behave like a Normal Minnowhelper Bid Bot accepting both SBD and Steem.. Let's BOOM! It Rocks Every 144 minutes! It will Distribute the vote very fairly from the 100% Weight. We also want to give almost all of the profit (100%) to delegators. We invite everyone to support @oceanwhale with bids & delegate some SP to make it strong.

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