What's The Secret Steemits?

4년 전

It's being like a month now that I joined steemit and I have almost made nothing out of this platform.
Yet I see some steemits making regular thousands of $ weekly.
How do you guys achieve so much?
What is the secret?
How can I be a successful steemit within a short period?
Can any kind hearted steemit help me please?

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I'm very new myself, but I feel I've done pretty well here so far and I've got some experience from YouTube. Some of it seems to translate.

My first piece of advice: Don't worry about the money. The quest for money often corrupts the quality of the content. You start writing what you think people want to hear instead of what is genuine to you. There's a chance no one here whats to read what's important to you though. If that's the case, go out from steemit and try to bring new people to your content. They then grow and contribute and eventually become the people that support you. It takes time though. Without a ton of luck, everything will take time.

Second: Get more involved in the community. This is a community, and part of getting attention is writing meaningful comments on other people's posts. If they like your comment they may check out your blog. I think most of my followers were brought in by comments I left.

Finally, be bold. People want to know you, so put yourself out there. This is an opportunity to just be yourself, and maybe get paid for it. You'll find like minded people, they'll upvote your content, and all will be right with the world. You may not be able to expect thousands, you're competing against thousands after all, but maybe a few hundred comes your way now and again.


Wow! So thoughtful. Thank you @ johnyliltoe, I will keep to your advice.


wonderful comment @johnyliltoe! Those are great points and hope @omacrypbiz takes them into consideration. The money is great, but if you are here only for the money, you have joined the wrong community. Once you forget about it and start enjoying what you post and your interactions with other members that is when you will see more support for your posts and more people following you :)

Hi Omacrypbiz I hope you enjoy your time here, its a great community :) Nice post, i will follow your account, please follow me at @khunfarang


Hey that's an interesting post. I'll follow your account to see how you doing :). Please follow me @naulak

@omacrypbiz take into consideration what others are telling you and take their advice. @johnyliltoe had great advice for you! Another thing I will add is use meaningful tags #introduceyourself is talking about yourself, so some people might think you are misusing the tag. Be careful about those things. Maybe in your case tags such as question help suggestions might be better. Just be patient. It takes months to get a following, and without followers you won't get noticed or upvoted. So the most important thing for you is to communicate with other steemians. Good luck! :)


Thank you @ sgnsteems. I will take heed.

Welcome and Thank You for being with us!! Following your Blog now

Welcome to this amazing community!! Followed. Follow me back 😘