Bursting into steemit. (Who am i?) A brief introduction about myself

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It is a cold Tuesday night in abeokuta, Nigeria. My account has been confirmed for weeks now i checked through steemit immediately i got the mail introduce yourself was the first thing we are asked to write even though i am anxious to make other posts. I have read through people's introductory posts. But i cant seem to muster together something about myself.
This evening i am writing this as everything is flowing through my head.


I am famodu, the son of famodu, who was born by a man named famodu of the famodu family. I am popularly called omoh i dont know why they call me that but i think its a shortened form of my name (omotayo). I was born in the 90's so you can say i am an old generation person even though i am from the late 90's. I was born on a Thursday and in a leap year then. I am the second child of my parents and the first son so my siblings and juniors look up to me. I own a bachelor's degee in mechanical engineering form the federal university of agriculture, abeokuta. I love engineering even though energy and buildings are my interests.

My interests

I am not employed yet, and i love the course i studied engineering i hope to practice some day, i love football, i support Manchester United of England, even though i have a soft spot for Cristiano Ronaldo and Real Madrid. I love talking and writing something you would really get to see about me here. I love to learn new things too. I love dismantling things and finding out why and how they work. I love to travel too even with my long legs which makes it uncomfortable For me to sit for long in a bus i still manage to travel. I love listening to music indigenous and foreign music even though i am a really bad singer.

i,myself and me

Dreams and ambitions.

I hope to own a popular engineering firm which would be known worldwide. I dream of travelling to every country in the world and i hope to see some prestigious buldings in the world. The white house and Taj Mahal being one. I would like to share a table with great people of the world Dr. Ben Carson being my first. I hope to sing alongside Beyonce and live in a house made of bubbles. I hope to share the courtside with LeBron James and steph curie. I hope to end poverty in my country Nigeria and someday be a role model to many people.

Music is life

How i came about steemit

Well, this is something that marveled me. I didn't plan doing this in many years. I develop blogs for people but i never thought i would be running one some day. I searched google to cure my curiosity one day amd found a steemit link. Clicking the link directed me to steemit which showed me the solution to what i was looking for. I found my self looking through the site and suddenly i was in love with the site interface. I signed up and here i am.

My crypto story

I have talked to some people about steemit and they mentioned that i would get paid in steem backed dollars and steem. Well i dont know much about crypto currency but my little experience with it came in 2016 with bitcoin where i was scammed off by a ponzi scheme i joined then. Well i am not giving up and i am back to learn all about the crypto world in full. Like i said earlier, i dont give up.

Philosophy and gifts

I believe in foing the right thing and following the right rule, my favorite quotes is there is no shortcut to success. I believe there is a God even though at times i really wonder. I hate crime and social vices and i believe in the law of karma that whatever you do to others shall be returned to you someday soon.
I am a talented writer not published anything though but i have a written a collection of poems and rhymes. I can't dance but i love to talks and make new friends. I love movies too the shawshank redemption,pulp fiction and gangster squad being my favorite movies. Lest i forget i am a self made web developer i learnt through tutorial videos on YouTube.

My journey begins..

I hope my journey here on steemit will bring me to fufil my dream of studying biomedical engineering in the United States of America and to travel around the world.
This is basically me follow me as i start my journey here..

From left to right, i and my friend

Note: all pictures were taken or made by me

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Thank you james

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Thank you donkelly

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Hi, welcome to steemit.

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Thank you.. I feel home already.

Welcome to steemit

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Well done brother
Keep up the great works