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Born in North Wales, but travelled independently from as young as I could get away with! I don't feel I was escaping, but just wanted adventure and to explore new cultures from an early age. Very into art, and nature, taking me to Uni to study plants, being artistic in my spare time. Found love in the jungles of Borneo, spent a while living in Java, teaching, settled down and had two amazing children.
Quit teaching, set up a tour operator business helping people achieve their dreams of visiting the orangutans . Business was hit by volcanic eruptions, ash clouds, smoke from forest fires, and then currency problems, leading me to look for another income to help pay the bills.
Took our children out of school when we admitted that it just wasn't the right place for them to grow, and have home educated them since. Trained as a Bowen Therapist and more recently a Scar Tissue Release Therapist, and now run a clinic where I help people reduce pain, increase mobility, and improve their health .
I chose the name 'Ownbubble' as I feel that as time goes on, I feel that I have created quite a nice little bubble around me, where I usually feel quite comfortable and content, and day to day I feel less and less willing to step outside my bubble. So these days, I dream, and overthink, and research, and plan, feeling that I'm always working towards something, but whether I'll ever get there, time will tell!
So I hope you'll enjoy what I share on here. I'll write about life when I have time, and share vegan recipes, veg growing progress, gardening, home education experiences, my art, guinea pig updates (we share our home with two gorgeous rescues), dog walking pictures, health and well-being ideas, things about orangutans, and past travels :-)

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I which more people chased freedom and a meaning with life on a deeper plan. Security is nice but can be a little boring ...

welcome aboard... not all your posts will get as much notice as your intro .. but hang in there... visit other posts and leave thoughtful comments.

If you aren't on discord you might want to join. Some great communities there willing to welcome and help.


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Welcome to Steem. I’m sure you'll find lots of people to connect with. If you get the chance then might want to look into @naturalmedicine who also support the vegans of steemit.

Please feel free to join in and meet other home educators on discord

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Must be interesting running a tour operations for visiting the orangutans . Wow cool stuff...


Bowen therapists work to release tension and rebalance the body, to reduce pain and inflammation, and stress.

"Own Bubble" could have other meanings. 😂

welcome xxxx every year for Christmas we get orangutan sponsorship from a place in Borneo that comes via my English mother-in-law. I love the fact that she does this is the best Christmas gift. What an amazing job that must have been . taking your kids out of school to experience new cultures Spears the best education you could ever give them especially in this current climate where orders are being drawn physical spaces and In Hearts. Do you still live in North Wales full stop by husband is in English and we are coming back for a couple of months next year to Somerset and I want to see more of Wales. Last time I lived there for 6 years but never so much of it only the Brecon beacons and the Gower. Oh and a little bit of Snowdonia. Didn't quite make it to the top but couldn't see the point as it was so foggy you couldn't see anything anyway haha


What a great gift :-) I agree, travel is such a great education for children. Sounds like you saw some lovely parts of Wales when you lived in England. That's the trouble with Wales, there's so much rain and fog! haha


I know right lol! But it does create atmosphere lol.

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Welcome to Steem! Can't wait to hear more from you!

Welcome!!! Great to have you on board!

And have the chance to read your about me. More time than in person at times isn't it =D

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Yeah! Thanks for spreading! This is going to be an even more lovely community! Welcome @ownbubble :-)


Thanks for telling us about it! :-) X

Great introduction @myownbubble! It sounds like we have some things in common and I am looking forward to reading your posts! I particularly like your name, as I have found explained for quite some time that how I thrive in the world is that I have created my own bubble. I have tailored my life to basically live in nature but conveniently in a location that I have an entire community of folks within a few miles that are like minded. Social activities can be widely varying but always in spaces and surrounded by people I actually enjoy, participating in co-creating something beautiful. With 7 billion humans and counting, I keep the attitude that if the folks around you don't feel like "your people", just keep going ~ and now in my 40's I am blessed to have humans in life that absolutely amaze me in every interaction, and we lift each other up! Welcome!!


Thank you :-) Looking forward to reading your posts and connecting more :-) Sounds like you have created a really good life for yourself. I'm working towards that, but feel I have the foundation of some great friends and communities to help along the way :-)

Welcome to the STEEM blockchain, @ownbubble. Following with intetest.

In addition to what I wrote from the HomeEdders account, you may also be interested in the @ecotrain community (use the #ecotrain tag for environmental type posts). @steemitworldmap and @travelfeed may be useful for you if you post content about your time abroad or even adventures in your current location. There are a lot of communities looking to support the content they enjoy and they help with making connections here. Just shoot up if you have any questions, here or on the discord.

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Thanks - great tips with some interesting links :-)

Welcome to Steemit! It's really a great place for the enthusiast writers and for the people who want to share their good work with the world! :)

Welcome to Steem! Happy to see an influx of some new lovely folks lately. I'm always down for more vegan recipes and garden posts as those are two of my own passions. We have recently scaled back just a bit, but I have helped my pal @lenasveganliving with a little contest called Fruits and Veggies Monday for quite some time now. It is a lovely group of people that share vegan recipes on Mondays, and Lena gives out some prizes for some of the top entries each week.
You are welcome to join any time you'd like. The last announcement with the challenge information can be found here on the @vegansofsteemit page: Looking forward to reading more soon!


Thank you for the links :-)

welcome to steemit @ownbubble, was great to read about your life, and to hear what you have done for the orangutans, and for your children. there is a great home education community on here and also lots of earth conscious folk as well. I look forward to what you will share with us all xxx


Thank you. Looking forward to connecting with lots of like-minded people on here :-)

Welcome to Steemit, @ownbubble. I wish you success on the platform. I recommend that you consider using the ecotrain tag when you publish ecologist, spiritualist, connection with the Earth and unconditional Love, among others. They are amazing people who, led by @eco-alex and @artemislives, support this type of content.
Greetings and blessings!


Thank you for the tips :-)

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Thank you so much for your interest!

Welcome! It seems like a very interesting life you have been living! Glad you decided to join Steem to share with your fellow Steemians!
Followed you and hope we connect in some of the different communities here like @naturalmedicine or @ecotrain
Happy Steeming!

Welcome, @ownbubble! It sounds like an amazing journey! Looking forward to your vegan recipes and health and wellbeing idea! Definitely going to follow you.

Welcome to steemit @ownbubble.

Welcome the new steemians. Have a great day!

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