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Hallo Steemians,

my name is C. Pfeiffer. I study physics and computer science, but I have high interest in economics and the financial markets where I am active since two years.

In these two years one thing I learned was it is hard to make money if you are not prepeared for the unexpected. With that I mean you can analyse fundamentals and the chart of an asset pretty well and still loose money thanks to a sudden market crash. So you have to have a good understanding of the macro economic conditions and the current market sentiment and how they effect your investment.
But there is more! It is not hard to say the sentiment is good or bad if the market moved a certain direction the last days. Yet, by the moment you realise where we are going, it is probably already too late. That is why most smaller retail investors loose money. The market is going up, the news screams "New all time high!" and people think they miss out and enter the market. The next week though the direction turns, people get scared and sell - shortly before we have a rebound.

Particularly the last weaks were very volatile and I had a hard time finding what the current trend is. This picture from Hedgeye summarizes it pretty well.


So the goal would be to know these changes of momentum when or before they happen. But that is ... mostly impossible. One thing you can do though is assessing the market conditions by means of politics, macro trend and news sentiment as well as finding correlations. Of course you have to know the fundamentals of the stock your interested in as well.
Therefore my goal is to find such correlations. This is the reson I started this blog. Why not share and discuss ideas and findings with others?

What can you expect from my blog?

I'll blog about interesting developments and correlations I find in the market. My main focus will be the broad macro environment for the stock market but now and then I may cover single segments, stocks or the crypto market. What I won't do is lots of technical analysis, because firstly there are many other people you can find if you are interested in that and secondly if you know how do to technical analysis your own, you probably get tired of reading an article about what the chart says for 5 min when you can just look at the chart in this article for like 30 seconds. (At least I do.)

Finally if you are interested in a certain topic or stock, commodity, bond etc. write it in the comment section! I'll be happy to do some research on it.
And never forget, "The market likes to prove people wrong."


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