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My name is Bob and I am happy to be a part of Steemit. I was recently forced to quit my job recently at a production industry like job because I wanted to continue my path in academia. I have my bachelors in philosophy and am currently finishing a minor in computer science. Its just a personal goal that I have the privilege of pursuing and my financial aid has been generous so far. I recently had to move back with my parents to help out around the house. It makes me feel better that they are being helped by a loved one. I like to write, play music, and create weird artwork; I enjoy creating. My overall goal is to keep creating stuff that makes people think and reflect. I would love to eventually teach philosophy because I love helping people learn. I also enjoy reading others' content and learning from them. I am pretty much a dialogue enthusiast.

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Got a question for you pal. I thought of this recently : We live in a world where matter is made up of atoms. Assuming there is no other world. Since atoms react in a predictable way, is our path guaranteed to be deterministic? When I say predictable way of reacting, I know it would require immense computer power to predict such things but I'm speaking theoretically). Could we affirm that all matter is cause->consequence? Even how our brain thinks is made of atoms, so our actions would be determined. I hope to get some input @philosopherbob


Those are some awesome questions to marinate on. I think it all has to do with each individual's view of the world. I cant really speak for the bigger questions of determinism because I simply do not know. You have a good point with the action and reaction with atoms. My personal take is that some things can be predicted with 99.9% accuracy like the sun will rise tomorrow, but predicting other causes may be like a roulette table. I don't think we can guarantee it but there's a good chance of raising the chance. We can do our best to determine things for ourselves. It reminds me of an old Stoic saying "The man who has anticipated the coming of troubles takes away their power when they arrive." - Seneca. So thats the best I got friend, cheers!

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