Hi, I'm Ace ♠

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Hi, I'm Ace!

Steemit was introduced to me by my wife @pingcess and last Saturday I joined the First UAE Steemians Meet & Greet which made me sign up that night and lucky enough to receive my confirmation in just 2 days! YES, you read it right! In just 2 days!

I am from The Land of Promise, Davao City, Philippines but working abroad in UAE. I've been working here since 2012 and met my wife here. I am a pet lover particularly dogs and currently having 4 tanks of different kind of fish. I also love cooking and making my own recipe (experiment). Photography is my past time since most of the time I am just at home after work.

I do love traveling since I became a member of a motorcycle club in Davao, Davao City Motor Club. Way back then, I spent most of my time with my group traveling or meeting them. But as I aged, I am now more comfortable of being a home buddy, looking at my fishes and playing online games.

You will find my future posts about my fishes, my passion in cooking and few of my photography skills. Also some of our previous and future travel.

That's all for now, once again... ACE ♠

PS: I Love Singing Karaoke 😉


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Welcome to Steemit!

Yeheyy!! Finally... @prinsepong and @pingcess tandem in this wonderful platform 😍😍😍


All the best here on steemit @prinsepong! Welcome fellow biker! Just dropping by to say hello! Share to us your fishes story, cooking, photos and travels so that we can call enjoy and benefit. Mabuhay! Ride on! Steem on!

Thanks a lot @invictuz. Ride on Bro!!


Yes!!! my mentor.. my ex-gf, my wife, my @pingcess... 😁😁😁



Hello! Hello! there brother! (^_^) Welcome! Welcome! At last, you are here! We will wait for your next story! Steem on!!!


Yey!! Thanks as well for sharing your knowledge bro.. it helps a lot to us newbie #steemians..

Naks meron na din sya! Welcome to steemit world parekoy! 😉


Yeah!!! @lifediaries2nd.. convince mr.hermano as well.

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welcome ace! hopefully c hanhan mag-steemit din hahaha enjoy your stay!


Yes yes ate @lhyn.. supposed to be im playing my online game now. But instead, enjoying doing my 2nd blog.

Welcome to Steemit po!


Nice to have here @iyanpol12. Steemore!!!

Sir welcome po sa steemit


Thank you sa warm welcome boss @noahinigo10101.


Nice to be part of this community @angelbless ..#steemian

Hello Kabayan.
Welcome and have a great time here.
Steem On!

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Steem on!! And lets sing along Kabayan @steemgigger. Thank you

welcome to steemit.... more blogs to come po...;)


Thank you and more and more blogs #steemians

Welcome to steemit bro


Fire on @smokinglems. Thank you!!