I am Samantha car

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Hi steemians
I am Samantha Racheal Charley, I am from California, I am 28 years.
I am an entrepreneur and also I love fashion and I am so passionate about hairs. FB_IMG_1516631407520.jpg
I started a small fashion school in Pittsburg, California and it was very slow.
I have a dream of having a big fashion signature and also one of the best recognized fashion house in America, Canada and London.
I also love traveling.
I am passionate about hard working women entrepreneurs and also entrepreneurs encouraging them.
In order to make my dreams come through I move to Murfreesboro and now am doing a full time in and out door hair style with professional hands.

I love steemit
I was introduced to steemit by @utredaps
I love steemit because it is a very good platform for learning about life and investment
I am happy to be here and I am here to show you my fashion skills
Please follow my post to get health, fashion, food and life tips

I loooooooove you all steemians

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Hey beautiful..... welcome to our community. I hope you find it good and it polishes your skills :)please be kind enough to follow me as well @azkaa plus let me know if you need any help....


welcome in the community :)

  ·  4년 전

Welcome to steemit @Cabo

Good to see you here