Who Is @ralsky and Why Is He Here?

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Hello Steemies! My name is Ralsky and this is my first Steemit post. The picture above is not me my postings will show my daily activities and I prefer to remain anonymous. I am in my mid 30s currently unemployed and also homeless. I am not looking for handouts or charity just stating the facts. I've been living in the wild for about 4 years now. During this period of my life the thoughts of owning a spring mattress and pillow frequently fill my head but what I have learned is no matter how bad things could be there's always a light at the end of the tunnel if you are willing to see it.

Queue the soapbox!!!


The bottom-line is that happiness is a choice and it could never be measured in the "stuff" that we love to collect.

How I Found The Steemit Community

Ive been investing in Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies for the past 2 years. I made plenty of money and lost almost just as much. Soon I came to the realization of my mistake I was treating the crypto-market like it was lotto scratch offs. Buying random coins and hoping and praying for an instant profit. I then began to research each coin to see what made them different than the others and Steemit really stood out to me. I love the whole concept of social media mining and steem power to keep the community involved and working towards a better less spammy social network. Truly ingenious !

My Posting Plans And Steemit Goals

I plan to post and document most of my daily activities. This will include my drawings, nature walks, odd things I may see and homeless survival tactics. I also want to post some my Hobo how to guides. Overtime this list may expand or contract but I am definitely open to the comments of the suggestions of the community. My goals are to learn more about Steem, build my steam power and get more involved with this community

Thanks for reading and don't forget to like, resteem and follow @ralsky for more updates.

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Hey @ralsky welcome to steemit I'm new here too. I'm curious what exactly did you mean by hobo how to guides?


Thanks Sarah. Well to answer your question an example of a hobo how to guide could be like "how to cook a dinner with a soda can" or "how to heat your survival shelter on the cheap". Basically life hacks for everyday items in a homeless or camping situation.


I'm not a camper but those guides sound kinda interesting. Cool beans


Thanks akkha I like your steemit man all he needs is a hat.


Welcome again !

Can't wait to see your drawings! If you want more people to see them, it helps if you start commenting on posts. You can check my latest post why it is important to comment :) Welcome!


Cool and Thanks gonna follow your page ill send you an @ when I post my drawings.

Welcome to Steemit Land!


Thanks for the warm reception @daveks

Hey, very interesting and outstanding introduction.
May I ask how you manage to post stuff online, while being homeless? It sounds like you have deliberately chosen the "way of the wanderer" outside of the grid. I find great interest in this and could imagine interviewing you about it in the near future.

As you read from my introduction, I am trying to connect to as many open minded people as possible. If you need any support in creating content, I'm more than willing to help! I am also looking forward to your contributions to my Posts. Cryptocurrency itself will also a topic I am going to publish on.

Keep it up and thanks for replying,


Funny thing about your question 4 years ago it was easier to get electricity than wifi. Now a days free electricity is harder to get. However I do find working outlets in the weirdest places that may end up being a future post. I also have several mini portable chargers just one will usually get my phone up to 90%. If i need to use my laptop i'll go to a cafe.

I didn't choose to be homeless but as time passed I realized I was a success on earth but a bum in the society that man created on earth. Luckily I don't care what others think of me and most people that I meet don't even know I'm homeless.

Also I agree working together is a great idea. You can count on me if you need anything as well. Is there a way we can direct msg each other on here?


Yes, there is a chat function with direct messaging here. Click on the 3 horizontal bars in the upper right corner and then on steemit chat. Just create an account and message me. my name is the same as here: kaeptnkook.


Ok great I'll contact you later I'm gonna log off for a while.


Thanks Solarguy

Welcome to the club! Follow me at https://steemit.com/@bitgeek


Thanks now following.