Big THANK YOU to witness @reggaemuffin



It‘s time to say THANK YOU!
I can remember the time, when I came to STEEMIT and the SteemChat. It wasn‘t easy. So many new impressions, so much to learn and I have to admit I am a bit shy. Further the digital space – especially the chat – is sometimes quite a challenge for me. I mean the form of communication is just a written one. Yes we have Emojis, but for me personally something is missing. I want to look into the eyes of the person I talk to. So I was drifting around, looking for some orientation; fighting through the jungle of STEEMIT 😊

One day @reggaemuffin found me in the chat and offered his help. I could ask him different questions about Steemit, the community and he even offered me to help me with projects. WOW, I was overwhelmed and inspired at the same time, because actually I had some ideas, which I wanted to realize, but I also knew I couldn‘t do it alone and would need some help. I tried to build a Sci-Fi card game, told reggaemuffin everything about it, made some cards and the design. There was no NO or BUT from his side – he just wanted to help without a question.

Unfortunately the project died because the main artist, who was totally motivated at the beginning, jumped off the boat. It made me a bit sad, because I really wanted to realize this game since quite a while. But alone I couldn‘t do it. However, what I want to keep, is the positive experience with reggaemuffin and his unconditional support!

In this sense I want to say – THANK YOU! - It means a lot to me that you always took your time to read my project ideas and what you have done! I know you help a lot of people on the Steemit platform with your work as witness and so I think I speak in the name of other Steemians.

Thanks for viewing everybody and may the force with you


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Salam kenal kawan dari kamou Aneuk Nanggroe.

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Welcome to Steem @rrahim.

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All the Best!!!

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Thank you so much for your interest!

Well dine, a big Thank you is always great to get. So he must be very happy ! Have a great weekend!

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Thanks you