New to Steemit! Brief introduction

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Hello! I'm very new to Steemit so it's still a bit confusing but I guess I'll start off by introducing myself. My name is Salacia, and I really enjoy posting cosplay and gaming content. My main platforms at the moment are Instagram and Reddit, both at xsalacia. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. On my page I will be mainly posting cosplay photos, photos of myself, and gaming content. 

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Helpful advice from yourself-appointed Steem Pope:

  • Don't plagiarize. Focus on original content. Sounds like you're aiming for this already.

  • Don't buy votes from bid bots or fall for "resteeming service" scams. Instead, focus in engaging with others. Comment on their posts about their posts. Find your community and be active. Growth will follow in time.

  • Hone your craft and strive to make each post the best you can make it. Consistent quality is the path to longevity in blogging. Post regularly, according to whatever schedule works for you, in order to maintain and grow your audience of real people.

Welcome to our Steem family!

Welcome to steemit @salacia.

Welcome the new steemians. Have a great day!

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Thank you so much for your interest!

What did you think about Rise of Skywalker?


I'll actually be seeing it this Friday! How would you rate it?


I'll actually
Be seeing it this Friday!
How would you rate it?

                 - salacia

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Welcome salacia!
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Welcome and have a nice journey .... seems like you have good content in store!


Thank you!

What kind of Games?


Some specific games that I really enjoy playing are Overwatch, Kenshi, Divinity: Original Sin 2, Runescape, Elder Scrolls and definitely Cyberpunk 2077 when it eventually comes out. Those are just a few of my favorites. I'm definitely open for suggestions though.


Girl, you gotta play yourself some Tekken. I dunno if you into fightin' games, but me dat's a start.

Oh hey, more cosplayers! Welcome! If you like to stream your cosplay builds or the games you play, I'm the co-owner of @vimm, a live streaming site built on the Steem blockchain. I'd love to see you stop by some time and show off your work!


Thank you, I'll definitely check it out!

Good timing to join this blockchain.
Visit the tribes and see how the communities fair with you.
2020 vision is vibrant.
Keep on postin'

Welcome to Steemit.
Don't forget to check into our discord server over at PALnet.
Many cool people always around to chat with.
I'll link you up via a DM on Insta.

Hi @salacia, Welcome to the steemit community!


Thank you!! 😊

Hello @salacia , I am also new to this and I want to grow in order to share my knowledge of the WEB, on instagram you can follow me as arnoviz.ah, greetings.

I am curious to read your posts, good introduction btw!

Welcome! I'm new too. I'm a copywriter and will be posting about how best to write for for Steemit (and other platforms).

From what I know about cosplay photos, the more minimalist the background the better they perform. Hope that helps!

Welcome to Steem! the best community out there!

We have a help discord so if you need help on the steemisfere let me know i will send you a free invite, good luck


Welcome to Steemit and good to have another gamer around!
Main points would be to just post quality content with both length and screenshots (generally 500 words if possible or multiple paragraphs at least), or if you go to post a video, it can have less length wordwise (few paragraphs) but be of quality along with a quality video. Enjoy what you do and keep on posting.

Also make the effort to find quality posts to both upvote on and leave a nice message. I did that for the first 5 weeks, few hours a day when free and people always appreciate you taking the time to make an effort with checking out their post and leaving the message. That interaction and building friendships etc on Steemit will be a big help.

You will learn quickly and get better with using the site and other sites connected to it. So feel free to ask questions and anything to help you out and we look forward to seeing your gaming and cosplay posts when you do post! :)

Welcome to the blockchain

Welcome on board man. Wishing you a happy stay in this ocean called steemit.

I find they key in the start is to do a lot of networking. Find people with similar interests, see who liked their posts, and then try to attract their big voters. Also get to know any accounts that curate content like what you create, be be their friend. That's what i do at least, but clearly i am still pretty small here myself.

welcome to the Steem community!