Creative Introduction - A Steemit Artist

4년 전

Hi my name is Aleks! I am new to the world of Steemit, and I would love to introduce other Steemians to my artwork and my creativity. I have been creating art for over 5+ years and I am determined to pursue a career in art and design. Since I have decided that I want to achieve a career within art and design, I knew that I would have to save money and prove to my peers and other people around the world, that I have put many hours of practice and that I have what it takes to attain a successful career within the art and design industry.


My art consists of many different styles. I have drawn artwork that ranges from superheroes, cartoons, and anime to realistic drawings such as people and landscapes. I have also created many different designs, logos, and emblems. I have created most of my artwork by hand or with a digital tablet. I am always looking for new mediums to try and new styles of art to help further my artistic ability.


Join me on my artistic journey and lets create an amazing and colorful place within our Steemit community together!



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Pretty interesting stuff. Welcome to steemit, you'll surely love it here! keep sharing & keep exploring :)


Thank you! :)

Welcome! Looking forward to your posts!
I wish you the best! and hope to see you soon.

You are so out of this world... Yo I just dropped my new article make sure to check it out leave me a comment 😎👇


Thanks, but I'm no trader.


It's free once you feel like testing the water it's always there 😉

Welcome to SteemIt your artwork is amazing!


Thank you sooo much!!!

welcome to this wonderful platform ,we happy to have you here!!!!


Thank you Tinashe!


you welcome

Welcome to Steem @secret-art I have sent you a tip

Welcome to Steemit @secret-art :)

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Oh my god!! I might be looking at the best drawing artist on Steemit. That's great. Bring in more artists :D


ahhh! Thank you very much!!!

Happy to welcome you on this great platform. This is the right place to be and I look forward to your posts.
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Hello there @secret-art and welcome to Steemit! I just upvoted you!! I hope you enjoy your time here and make lots of $$$. If you're interested in lotteries, please check my profile out @steemitlotteries. I run FULLY TRANSPARENT LOTTERIES with promotional posts where I issue FREE TICKETS for those who help me curate my promotions. All the best! :)

I love your artwork, Aleks! You will have an amazing time here. Welcome to the community.


That means so much! Thank you :)

Hi Aleks,

It's great to have you on Steemit!

Nice to meet you!


Hi! Thank you :)

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Welcome @secret-art, you're very talented :)


Thank you so much!!!

Welcome to the platform, I wish everything work out for you. It’s not easy here but not difficult neither but just ask an extra effort, engagement is the key good luck I’m @goodaytraders Start by following people and they will do the same.

Wow, you're really good! :) Welcome to the community! Have a good day :)

I also love to draw.


Same! I look forward to seeing some of your drawings!

Welcome!!! One more to strengthen this incredible social network that values ​​works of art and all other types of content! You can start by following people and giving upvotes in the posts! So they will follow you ...! Welcome! :)

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welcome to Steemit .. I love the gentleness of your dragon.. you other art is very intense..well done. :)


Thank you :) The dragon is one of my favorite pieces!