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One of my teacher asked me one day and it's so shocking that I was unable to explain my own self to him, as he asked me who are you ? so I give the answer, I am Pakistani, Muslim boy, student, and suddenly I felt that i myself was not satisfied with my answer! So I thought I should write about it, and share it with you people ,and then ask you, who are you? So today i am giving an answer ,and then asking an answer from you. It will be very interesting if you take it seriously, and think and write about it. You will knew exciting things about your own self which you don't know and never thought that way , So let's begin with the question who am I ?

I am a person who live in Pakistan, in province sindh, in city Karachi, and area of Manghopir and I am Muslim boy. Who love fitness I am a boy who does not believe in feminism nor in male Dominion-ism. I'm a person who believes in equality on every level whether it's respect, work, responsibility, making a relationship, compromising, tolerance, and patients at every level. I'm a person who is angry with my own self and fighting a battle everyday to overcome my flaws so I can become an inspirational person for people. I want to do something productive as a human being, being the part of this world. I want to learn as many languages as I can.
I want to become a man of knowledge and wisdom. Because it is something you won't get in charity, you have to earn it by hard work , patience and consistency. Yes I have a personality which covers so many faces, within me! I am something else when I am at my home, and something else when I am in my Educational Institutes, and different when I am with my intimate friends, and different when I am in social gatherings. I'm a talkative ,sentimental, overjoyed ,aggressive, stubborn, irrational and rational both at a time, understanding, supportive, appreciator, and a boy with painful soul who can feels others misery too, and a imaginator. I am a person who admires aestheticism. I'm a person who is so much concerned and touchy about my religion .I am loving, caring, and at the same time rude and less sensible when I am with my friends. I am a person who want to preach as a scholar, at the same time I want to be a writer, columnist, a political leader, a secret agent, an army officer, and the psychologist, motivational speaker, and a boy who take care's his relations.


I am so much in me and I respect myself! I do respect my decisions as a person, who won't let people rule on me. I am a freedom lover. I am a person who is independent in his own. who is complete in his self. I do not need people to complete me but, I do need them so I can see my existence. I am a person who loves to talk about everything whether it's religious, political, social, educational, personal etc. And it's also me who loves poetry, novel, stories, quotes. I am a person who loves to explore new things. But I am not much comfortable with changing.
if I have a cell phone, I want to use it till its able to use. I do not like to change things as the variety comes. I feel attachment with things I use. I am an emotional person who cries when watches a movie, or drama ,or any inspirational story. I'm a person who Laughs on silly jokes.
I am a person who loves to give advice and also love that when someone advise me because it shows that the person is concerned about me so many dreams I love to take decisions and then to implement on my decision this is who I am I want to become a source of inspiration.

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Hello @shaheem!

I noticed you have posted many times since you began your journey on Steemit. That is great! We love active partipants.

I do want to point out that the Introduceyourself tag is meant to be used once only to introduce yourself to the Steemit community. You have now posted 9 times using the introduceyourself tag. Please see this link for more information Tag Spam?

Please take this into consideration and help build a great platform!

Welcome to Steem @shaheem.

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Spend time reading Steem Blue Paper to know how Steem blockchian works and if you still have any queries ask them on our Ask me anything about Steemit post and we will try to answer that.

All the Best!!!

Very welcome!

Welcome Pakistani boy.

Hello and welcome to Steemit! :)

There was some fire !!!

My introductory post: https://steemit.com/introduceyourself/@heigovannik/social-announcement-new-blogger-on-the-field