Argentina got the artisan to make Messi the ball

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Lionel Messi is driving Argentina on the shoulder with a lot of shots. He is lit up by the team. If the shadow is going to be the situation!

However, there are many reasons behind the flaws of small magicians. One of them is not able to give him the ball and not make the ball.

Argentine supporters mourn for a long time Now they can turn away the grief. That's what the coach Hoorhe Sampauli has said. He said Messi would make the ball crystal Pavon.

When coach sent such a message, then the Russia World Cup near It can be assumed as a sweet message.

There is already evidence of this. Argentina made Haiti 4-0 in the World Cup preparatory match. Messi won the best of a hat-trick One of them is Pavel's unique Asist.

In the 66th minute of the match, Pavon Attacking by reducing the number of guys to increase the ball to Messi. It's not wrong to score goals from the football fraternity. They fill the hat-trick with the help of five-year player of the year.

Pavon-Messi pair became very good at this time. They have repeatedly scrambled in the Haiti camp in their couples.

Coach of Albiechelst fascinated by both of these guys He especially wetted Pavon, he is a genius player and he has every kind of ability to assassinate Messi. In this match you have seen it. He has made Messi countless times, given the opportunity.

Before joining the World Cup, the coach will get a chance to test another round of the match against Israel on June 9.

Argentine partner Iceland, Croatia and Nigeria in the 'D' group of Russia in the World Cup. Twenty-two world champions will take on Swapnavian in the match against Iceland on June 16.

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