Just me and my project plants from supermarket stones! 🇺🇸 🇪🇸

Ahora he estado en esta plataforma durante bastante tiempo y nunca he escrito un post. Leo y escribo comentarios y era sólo cuestión de tiempo hasta que ercribir mi primer post. Finalmente, el reto #gardenjournal2019 de @simplymike me motivó a dar el primer paso.
Now I have been on this platform for quite some time and have never written a post. I read and write comments and it was only a question of time until my first own post. Finally, the challenge #gardenjournal2019 by @simplymike motivated me to take the first step.

SteemIt Community Garden Journal Challenge 10

Entre muchos otros intereses me encanta todo lo que es verde. Por lo tanto, quiero presentar mi pequeño proyecto de plantas de los huesos de los supermercados a todos los interesados ahora.
Among many other interests I love everything that is green. Therefore I want to present my small project plants from supermarket stones to all interested ones now.

The Mango / El Mango

SiSo Foto Mango.jpg

La planta de la izquierda tiene alrededor de medio año y yo la planté porque la de la derecha, que tiene alrededor de un año, empezó a tener cenizo.
The left plant is about half a year old and I planted it because the right one which is about 1 year old started to get mildew. With both the leaves start to die.

The Loquat / El Níspero

SiSo Foto Wollmispel.jpg

Los dos Nisperos (de medio año de edad) comienzan a volverse marrones.
The two Loquats (half year old) start to turn brown.

The Lemon / El Limón

SiSo Foto Zitrone.jpg

También aquí hay manchas marrones en los limones de medio año.
Also here brown spots on the half year old lemons.

The date / El dátil

SiSo Foto Dattel.jpg

He plantado muchas semillas de dátiles, una planta se ha levantado. Sin embargo, este se ve muy bonito. (También de 1/2 año de edad)
I have planted many date stones, one plant has risen. However, this one looks quite pretty. (Also 1/2 year old)

The avocado / El aguacate

SiSo Foto Avocadokern.jpg

He intentado muchas maneras diferentes de crecer un aguacate, pero sin éxito hasta ahora.
I have tried many different ways to make a avocado core work, but without success so far.

Creo que haré una pequeña serie en el futuro, tal vez en combinación con el Garden Journal Challenge. Todavía no he decidido qué otros temas quiero traer a la Blockchain. Un Follow es probablemente el más valioso para ser visto en Steemit. Por lo tanto, espero que uno u otro tenga interés en los siguientes posts. Gracias por tu interés, que tengas mucho éxito en Steemit.
I think I will make a small series out of it in the future, maybe in combination with the Garden Journal Challenge. I haven't decided which other topics I want to bring to the blockchain yet. A follow is probably the most important value on Steemit. Therefore I hope that one or the other has interest in future posts. Thanks for your interest and a successful time here on the Steem Blockchain..
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I'm honored that you were motivated to write your first because of the challenge.

You speak about mildew... have you tried spraying those plants with milk? It is supposed the help against mildew.

he brown spots on your plants look exactly what ws going on with my plants last year. I don't know what is cusing it, but if i were you, I would remove all affected leaves, and spray them with a neem oil and/or garlic solution.
I can't assure you that it will help.
I never found out what killed my plants last year. All I know is that is was airborn - sprread through the air - and one after another got the same brown spots and eventually died.

Once you removed all brown leaves, out them in different rooms, if you have the chance to do that. If it is the same as what has affacted my plants last year, that can keep them from infecting each other over and over again...


Thanks for the advice. I'll see what I can do. I've heard a lot about milk as a universal remedy lately, definitely worth a try.
I have removed the affected leaves, unfortunately there is not much left.
We will see, @simplymike I wish you continued success with the garden Journal and thank you again for the chance to participate.

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