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Hi steemians, my name is Manuel, I'm 22 years old and I'm from VENEZUELA.


This is an Introduce yourself in my English section

Very basic for an introduction, don’t you think? I have so many things that I want to tell you, that I don’t know where to start. Since I was little I have always been very hyperactive and as I grew up I didn’t change. I have always enjoyed doing any activity that helps me relax and have fun.

I think I have a strange taste for multiple things, do you think you're ready to meet them?
I was born in a small town called Cumaná, she is the first-born of the American continent, and because I was on the coast of my country, I grew up surrounded by a tropical environment in which all my mornings when I woke up, the first thing I saw was the sea. Do you find it incredible?

Growing up I had to leave my small city after graduating from high school, I wanted to become a professional because I had known a career which attracted me so much, that I moved from my city and away from my family to learn it, this career is, Mechanical Engineering.

I am currently finishing my career, but in the course of this, I fell in love with another and decided to take risks in undertaking it, that is, (Environmental Engineering), knowing everything I could do and helping I knew that it was the right career for me.

In this space I will share things of interest, where I hope to know their concerns and to create a community where our experiences and knowledge help us improve our lives and our world day by day.

my family is everything for me. ❤



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Welcome to steemit


thks buddy

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Thank you in advance!


thks of course!

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Welcome to Steemit Manuel!


so glad to be here.

Manuel, bienvenido a la famila steemit, diviértete.


muchas gracias, claro que si, espero verte mas a menudo por aqui, nos divertiremos!!

Welcome @soymanuel. Nice to have you in this great community!


thanks @pacuer123 , is nice to be here!!

Welcome to you chief engineer.

Welcome! I am also new here, let's enjoy our stay on steemit!


oh yes, thks

Hi @soymanuel, up your next videos into @dtube platform as well

and check the contests... I recommend you the @originalworks contests



thanks for your tips @victorsilab

Bienvenido a la plataforma mi pana. Te invito a participar en el canal Discord de #SteemSchool donde se dictan clases diariamente para aprender a obtener muchas más ganancias en #Steemit. Sólo entra acá . Te esperamos. Mucho éxito para tí