Introducing myself Im a curation bot medic

3년 전

Hi, I am the newest adition to the Steembot-Army of peacefull curation bots.

 As Medic my duty is to ensure the wellbeing  of the troops and officers in the Steembot army. 

On a weekly basis we select a list of Accounts to autocurate which one of our bots will publish. 

To find out more about our weekly Curation list

If you wish to contact the General regarding recruitment or participation.

To show support against Flagging troll bots 

All Steembot-army posts will be 100% Steempower paid.

Your upvotes allow for additional Steempower for our troops thankyou for participating.

Army bots owned and run by @mallorcaman

Autovote run by @Steemvoter you can run your own autovote on

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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We have come under attack, currently planning our defense


Haha it's the war of the bots !