Introducing @steemonob (Steem on OpenBazaar Project)

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This account is strictly for use in promoting & funding development and updating you on the Steem on OpenBazaar Project.

I would like to start by saying thanks to @swapsteem for your time and willingness to help set things in motion and to @acidyo for the votes and encouraging words on my account, spurring me to get on with it.

Steem is the best. OpenBazaar has the users.

Getting Steem and SBD on OpenBazaar would be great for this blockchain as well as the users on OpenBazaar. Steem is possibly the fastest transaction of any blockchain and there are no fees. OpenBazaar numbers are difficult to obtain by design, but the project claims they have over 150k nodes running as of the time of writing. That ain't too shabby.

Imagine all those people realizing that Steem is the best crypto out there. They would.

This is an exciting project to me and my first foray into anything like this. There is one thing that is for sure, if you want something done; go do it. Waiting for someone else to do it is asinine. If we want our crypto to have value; we need to add value. There are lots of ways we can do that.

I expect this to be a campaign and therefore I am settling in for the long haul. I am taking the time to learn as much as possible about this project, tools like @utopian-io as well as Github and the rest. I am certainly no developer, but in order to get this accomplished and keep up, that is the tool set I currently expect I'm going to need to get quite familiar with.

I am willing to put pretty much any amount of time, effort and some of my own money on the table for this project, but it can only be done if there is enough interest and involvement from the community. Hopefully within the next couple of weeks, we will have an initial idea of the scope of the project, but for now, I'm assuming it will be sizeable and ongoing.

Not only is there the initial coding to get Steem/ SBD integrated into OpenBazaar, but obviously there will be maintenance and updates necessary to keep it all nice and include any additional features and polish going forward.

My intention with this project is to put quality first and take my time.

Current timeline:

Check out my first couple of posts about this from

  • Dev Wanted for OpenBazaar Integration! Starting the project.
  • Steem Integration on OpenBazaar? First post.
  • I am currently working on a post for @utopian-io about looking for a developer to spec out the project. I would like to offer a nice bounty to the developer and I will be putting up something myself (to be determined). If you would like to donate, that would be nifty, that is what this account is for.

Once the spec work is done, updates for the roadmap will be coming.

  • It would be nice to have a bit of a logo with Steem and OpenBazaar together, so I suppose that would be a nice start. I haven't started on that, and probably won't this week. Any takers?
  • When this project is complete, focus will turn to marketing.

I look forward to any input you may have. If you know anyone (including yourself) that would be interested in participating with writing or other tasks, please let me know in the comments or on Discord.

Come join us on our Discord server to discuss this project further:

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Great to see this project getting underway.

What are the best ways the community can help with the project?


The community may help in many ways with word of mouth pubilicity, Development, promotion and funding of this project.

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I think @swapsteem said it well. I would add advice from experienced campaigners.

I'm not an experienced Steem or GO developer but wouldn't mind putting in a few hours a week if the project is on github and someone more experienced with the above took the lead. Best of luck!


Awesome! Thanks for the offer. Here is a post that may spell it out better:
Task Request: Developer Needed to Spec Steem/ SBD Integration With OpenBazaar.

Feel free to join our Discord. This is our #ob-integration channel:

Feel free to check in on that channel or hang out on the others as well. We do have a lead, @swapsteem He should be able to guide you.


Awesome! Thanks 😊

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I took a few hours to look everything over and there are a few feasibility issues. I made a post going over it all Please keep in mind I'm no crypto expert and am hopefully wrong about the best way to go about this. Maybe @swapsteem has a better handle of it all.

Thank you for the mention, I like the idea of steem openbazaar integration and this would certainly help the steem ecosystem grow and give the coins some additional liquidity. The task seems viable as the openbazaar code is open source, which is actually nice!

I am willing to add 20 STEEM to the bounty pot when the Task Request is published. I am also interested in helping out Developers with any guidance they need for this.

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