Greetings dear users Steemit - Introduce to you Inernational humor blog *stmeme*

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Greetings dear users Steemit

This modest but funniest blog, will be entirely and fully devoted to the humor of different countries. My main goal is to have fun and cheer you up. And yes, cut some greenery;) Subscribe and stay in touch. Laugh at yourself and mock others and be happy!

Saluti carissimi utenti

Questo blog modesto ma più divertente sarà interamente dedicato all'umorismo di diversi paesi. Il mio obiettivo principale è divertirti e allegro. E sì, tagli un po 'di verde;) Iscriviti e rimani in contatto. Ridi a te stesso e implora gli altri e sii felice

Hello 사용자

그 겸손하지만 재미있는 블로그는 전 세계의 다른 나라의 유머에 전념하고 있습니다. 나의 주요 목표는 재미있게 지내고 응원하는 것입니다. 그리고 예, 녹지를 자르십시오;) 구독하고 연락을 유지하십시오. 웃음을 터뜨리고 다른 사람들을 웃게하고 행복하게하십시오.


这个温和而有趣的博客将完全和全面地投入到不同国家的幽默中。 我的主要目标是让你有乐趣和欢呼。 是的,切一些绿色;)订阅并保持联系。 笑自己,嘲笑别人,快乐

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Є тот скромный но смешнейший блог, будет целиком и полостью посвящен юмору разных стран мира. Основной моей целью является повеселится и поднять настроение вам . И да срубить немного зелени ;) Подписывайтесь и оставайтесь на связи. Смейтесь сами и рассмешите других и будьте счастливы

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Цєй скромний але смішинй блог, буде цілком і повністью присвячений гумору різних країн світу. Основною моєю метою є розважитись і підняти настрій вам. І так, зрубати трохи зелені;) Залишайтеся на зв'язку. Смійтеся самі і разсмешіте інших і будьте счасливі!


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I wish you fun and excitement here on Steemit! My welcome present for multi-language engagement with a full upvote! Great!


Jeez That's power! Much grateful to you Sir

Hi, Stmeme, Let me welcome you to Steemit. Hope you gonna have fun with our community. Feel free to follow me @rightuppercorner Have a great time @rightuppercorner


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Welcome Steemit countryman ;) Have fun!


Thanks @mariachan nice to see you :)

Добро пожаловать) @stmeme


Благодарю Инна :)

hello who does not like laughter :) take a small contribution to the development


Many thanks to that support. I really need at this moment. Now I'm your loyal follower!


no problem you are welcome! thanks for following and upvotes

Nice to meet you, @stmeme! Welcome to the Steemit Community, wish you good luck and a good start, ive send you a small tip and followed you, hope you have an amazing day! :)


Nice to meet you @vlone99 your blog cool. Thanks for welcoming

Hey! You made a great choice joining this awesome community. You’re going to have a great time here. Keep Steeming!


Hi, Thanks you, i hope you right!

good luck dude! have fun :)


thanks man! :)

Welcome :D


Долучайтесь до Білорусько-Української спільноти на Steemit.


Дякую, добре долучатимусь.

welcome to steemit you have been followed


Thanks! I followed you to

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