How to write a simple program: "Hello World"

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Hello World

Hello world is a small, simple program that is used to demonstrate the syntax of a programming language.


If you read my last post, I recommended ruby. That will be the programming language we'll be using to write our simple program. You can download ruby here for any platform:

The Program

Here is the entire “Hello World” program written in ruby:

puts “Hello World”

If you saved that snippet as hello_world.rb (a ruby file), and ran it in your terminal(or command prompt on windows), it would look like this:

ruby hello_world.rb
Hello World

the first line in the above snippet is running the program hello_world.rb, and the second line is the output from the program, in this case, it is printing Hello World.


I made a gif showing me writing this program from the start, I’m using vim as the text editor to write the ruby file, save it, then run it with the same commands I used above:

That’s it! First Program Written. We're all programmers now.

A bit about me

I've been learning about programming for at least a decade, and I probably won't stop. You can check out my intro post and some of the projects I've worked on:

And my last post "How to become a self-taught programmer":

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Spacemacs better than vim. Everyone knows this.

Nice post though

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Wow! Amazing post! I look forward to reading more.