Re-Introducing Myself! An Adventure Loving Photographer

3년 전

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I'm a Brooklyn-New York City girl who loves photography. I spend summers at the beach with my family, who love to surf. I've snowboard-bummed in the mountains of Telluride, Colorado, surfed the waves of Hawaii, sailed the Atlantic, island-hopped the Bahamas, and jumped out of a plane. I love adventure, a good margarita, and firemen!

The photo above is of our sail boat that took my husband, dog, and I through the Intracoastal Waterway and to the beautiful Bahama islands.


One of many colorful and wild islands we visited during our trip.


A surf trip to Montauk, NY, where we will be spending a lot of time next summer surfing!

I look forward to sharing interesting and exciting things with the Steemit community! Any follows, upvotes, resteems, and comments are greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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Welcome again to steemit, such a lovely photo of you, I do love nature it looks refreshing. =)


Thank you!

Share away. look forward to surf pics.


Thanks, stay tuned!

Welcome! I love to surf too!



Nice post, I look forward to more! Beautiful sail boat there!


Thank you beachboat!

Welcome to Steemit!!! These are beautiful photos, and I'm excited to see more posts!


Hi Welcome to Steem. Congratulations! It's an awesome community. I followed you. Please follow back. Good Luck.82dac99-285x300.jpg


Thanks. Followed!

followed! do a tour of inside your boat!


Great idea!

Hi, sounds very nice and adventurous! Looking forward to your stories. Followed!


Thanks! Followed you back!

nice post! i follow you😉

very nice i like it!!!