It's been a while and It's time to introduce myself - syntaxerrocodec

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Hello steemit world, this is syntax3rrorcodec, my true name is "Lael" I am Tall, thin and handsome, a single young guy living her in the Philippines, fresh graduate in Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering course this year march 2018, since my family can’t afford to pay my tuition I sell online motorcycle accessories as extra income for my allowance.

It`s a hard life to meet the race of competition to make money for living, studying while selling is stressful to make me motivate I always think positive and make more effort on it and I am almost there for my graduation seeing things what I have planted and now ready to harvest.

This is I do when I stressed up jamming with my friends I am the one who play the bass guitar. We are not a professional musicians but we enjoy the moment when we play instruments to create music.

This is one of our old video uploaded to youtube a cover song titttled "bisan pa" of one of the most popular music in cebu "bizrock"

I think steemit is the great site. I love steemit if I try I am here for while seeking for a job another chapter of life. please stay with me. I try always with you. So start my new steemit life...

So that`s it for now thank you for dropping by .........................

See you steemians don`t forget to follow me and read my incoming post soon

Sincerely yours


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hi syntax3rrorcodec, it’s nice to see new face on steemit, hope you will spread positive vibes in steemit.and keep up the good work on steemit...;-) and be regular on steemit it will make grow you faster... ;-)

Welcome to steemit , upvoted you will regularly do on your good work , for newbie tips and basic information you can check my blog at @adityajainxds

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You Have My Back.....
Thanks @adityajainxds


Hallu there @adityajainxds, I am so happy for opening your door to me... thanks for dropping my post. I will see you son on your dischord looking forward fore more conversations

nice video and bit group.

That's an amazing look... Welcome to steemit @syntax3rrorcodec 🙋💃... Congratulations on ur introductory post 👍

Join us on our Steemschool discord channel using this link and get to learn about various niches...
Photography, arts, poetry, business amongst others...
The interesting part is we have people all over the world and we help each other grow...

Best wishes 👏👍


thank you for inviting me, I like the part when you mentioned "help each other grow" looking forward on it.

hi @syntax3rrorcodec Welcome to Steemit Community. Looking forward for your next post. See you around. You can also join in STEEMSCHOOLS discord here They can help you grow in this steemit community. If you still don't have a discord account. Just register first through the link I gave you. I'm glad to help you. See you there!


hallu @hazelicious, thanks for dropping and to this invintation, I was wondering if you have same school with @biljed having the same invitation anyways thank you....!! see youuu sooon

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Welcome to steemit bro!
Saludo ako syo! Ang hirap NG course mo M.E.
Mag take ka agad NG board exam! Let's utilze steemit to a higher notch.


thank you po.....

Hello @syntax3rrorcodec, thanks for sharing an impressive blog, I also mentioned you in my post (in the link below). If you like it then please follow and upvote me, if you donot like it, then please message me in that post, then i will remove your information.


I appreciate what you did, thank you @sultanmr