My Twitter - and why I believe Twitter and Steemit can co-exist

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Interconnectedness of networks cannot be something bad, as different platforms fill different needs of expression(s) (desired to be expressed by one form or the other) differently, for the disctinctive ways that they inherently function.

So, with these examples platforms, Twitter in comparison with Steemit is inherently different (at the moment), not only because of how userposts are distributed, but also how and/or what the different communities wants to see/read/watch. So in the end it can be said that you go to twitter for a different experience than why you come to Steemit.

I personally like Twitter for how easy it is to just post a thought, article, video, news, etc and because of the people you follow and/or follow you, you get both interaction (with different groups) and information sharing between (different groups of) people. On Steemit, that part is still not (overtly) present on the platform (yet, I guess, this is still in beta). I like Steemit, for it’s premise of being/becoming a better frontpage of the internet.

In any case, not only because I believe in the interconnectedness of things, but surely also because as a (semi-) active Steemian and a (semi) active Twitterer (and LinkedIn, but that needs to be another post on itself, longer story with that), those are the social platforms I’m (semi-) active on, where I’m thus saying, in essence, shit for/about the consultancy companies I’ve been running since 2011, my own personal thoughts and believes and Earthly things (that’ve come upon my path) that I feel that need to be said.

Shit because they are pieces of carbon that may or may not re-plenish your needs and may also repulse you seeing (reading) them, but one way or the other they do fulfill a natural cycle, where seeds do find enough nurishments to grow in and become beautiful plants all by their own.


For the new companies I’m founding, I’ll only be the one responsable for the messaging/communication but not the actual one creating/curating/attending the post(s), something that for the consultancy, in the short term I see not why that should change, other than if there’s a willing (and qualified) consultant that wants to actively take the 5P-Management Principles and Philosophy-Formula into organizations, (seeking change and guidance based on some simple life truths that once you learn and internalize them, they will not let you go and they will also guide you to make (more) conscious desicions in life (and for/in your organization)), they could of course get the managerial duties of the consultancy to see how far they can take it.

I, for now, need to focus on the new venture, with having said that, if you think, you, in any ways can help a preseed startup, with/in time, knowledge, contacts and/or funding, please let’s connect and see how/what/if we could be of some help to each other.

Soon I’ll be able to post more details and maybe even explainer video’s of the products and new tech-marketing service soon enough will launch, starting in the Netherlands, but maybe with your help also soon enough in your country/city.

If you’d like to see the (smaller) posts I make and post on Twitter, check

Have a great day!


P.S: I’m so proud with how the berries came this year from plants I only got last year (they were already grown plants). Anybody know what the names of those berries are in English? To tell you the truth, even for the Dutch names I’m not that certain what they’re called, but I do know they’re delicious! :)


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Welcome to Steem @tcpaconsultancy.

Do read A thumb rule for steemit minnows - 50:100:200:25 for starter tips.

Spend time reading Steem Blue Paper to know how Steem blockchain works and if you still have any queries ask them on our Ask me anything about Steemit post and we will try to answer that.

All the Best!!!

I read it well. Have a great day today.

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I guess you can sometimes learn multiple things in a row, even with decades walking on our Earth :)

Voted for your witness. Why not?

Also another question actually, do you with witness become/get a node?


Thank you for you vote for my witness @tcpaconsultancy, really appreciated.

To answer you question, yes as a witness, I run several nodes. Some are public for block production (main, backup, seed), some are private to support prohects like SteemSQL or SteemitBoard


Cool, thank you for your answer, and also for helping to keep this platform running then! :)

Congratulations @tcpaconsultancy!
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Welcome to Steemit dude!


Thanks, but question, are you a bot or human?

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I am the most human human!


Sapiens Sapiens or Sapiens Modernus?

Welcome to Steem, @tcpaconsultancy!

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Well, I guess there’s much to be learned about Steemit yet, because for the ones that didn’t know, just as me a couple of minutes ago, there is an actual feed on the page you come on, that is not just one of “the big fours”, but from the people you have liked/followed their actual page.

You’re never too old to learn new things! :D

Interesting read. I do believe interconnectedness is the future and Steemit is still fairly young so these things are still possible. Looking forward to your next post ;)