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For a long time I have noticed so many scams on steemit go by without hinderance. This is because there are very few people willing to use their voting power on flags, but also because this place discourages flagging in general. Unless you're a whale you cannot just go around flagging people, especially if they have more SP than you, because no matter who is right or wrong the person with the most SP wins that fight. So what happens when the bad actor is more powerful than you? Most people will just ignore the problem hoping someone will fix it in their place, because game-theory would say that the detriment of a scammer over in some corner of steemit is far less than the detriment of having them attack your account. I decided it's time to change that dynamic and created @the-reaper anonymously.

This account will be used to expose and flag the worst kinds of people on steemit. These are the people that are constantly spamming reflinks, hosting fake contests with fake rewards, trying to gain access to your keys with bullshit phishing scams, and all sorts of other nonsense.

I will NOT be flagging people for disagreement with rewards, differing opinions, misinformation, and in most cases I will even overlook plagarisms depending on how it is done. My primary focus is the extremely toxic and destructive behaviors of a very small percentage of people rotting at the core of this amazing platform.

If you are trying to scam people or benefit from the losses of others,
I only have a tiny bit of SP now, but your time is limited.

If you would like to support me in this, you can do so by shielding against the inevitable backlash from the people I'm exposing simply by following me and upvoting my posts if they are flagged. 100% of all post earnings will go straight into power-up, and the rest will be negating flags from bullshit scammers. You should also consider following me to participate in flagging against the really bad ones, of which there are many.

Regardless of your support I am about to start shooting, and anyone following me can see exactly who I'm flagging and why. If you make it on to my list, you'll be there forever
you have been warned.

-the reaper

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Even the Plebs in ancient Rome were a force to be reckoned with if they moved against the corrupt.

Awesome Reaper... its a great idea and a good "market" solution to developing the community... I will follow you and try to help... I have no voting power as I haven't even made it to 7 days yet, but I can resteem this article and things like that... So welcome and good luck!


thank you davemccoy
awareness is also a powerful weapon, your resteems are appreciated


I have done so and will continue to in the future. Also I hope others that read your stuff also help you to get attention. Good luck!

Nicely done! Here's my follow and vote! I'll try to follow your every post, so do give me a heads up when you flagged someone so I can do the same. This will hopefully keep the community clean from scammers.


thank you for the support, you can see my other post as an example of the kind of thing I am talking about, where the guy has spammed the same phishing link 100+ times without opposition.
posted here: @the-reaper/this-phishing-link-is-being-spammed-for-over-a-week

Nice work the Reaper. I have received some messages .. let me tell you the name if you can figure out whether it is spam or not.
#FREE UPVOTE SERVİCE and i guess #hottopic


thanks, I'll keep an eye on that account

This is awesome that you are taking the time to do this, keep up the good fight! Scammers beware the reaper is coming....

<a href="jj".>WELCOME TO STEEMIT
I appreciate if you follow me,
Your comments are always welcome,
I will try to answer as much as possible,
Good luck with your trip in this communitas,
the best combination with all your friends is no exception,and upvote to your friends as much as possible,and the reverse.

follow me @elbow

Regards community steemit
Thank you

I like this anti-scam thing
I'll help you power up ^_^


good to have you backing me up, thanks

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thanks for the resteem, resteemable

I actually like the idea, seems kind of like one of the heroes you see, like The Arrow!


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welcome to steemit @the-reaper, best regards..
hopefully you feel at home here. 😊