Climb into The Big White Van!

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“The Big White Van” is the umbrella title I use for the bulk of my solo artistic endeavors, especially those which I have not yet spun off into specific project titles. The name is a reference the poem “APPRENTICESHIP AS A REASON TO RIDE” by Thaddeus Conti.

For the time being, I plan to post short written snippets and a selection of things I have already produced (most notably, some short animations and experimental films).

I am focusing on generating STEEM Power and maximizing ROI. As my revenue reaches thresholds which can justify an increased investment in time and effort, I will use this platform to spin up some larger projects. Possible examples of these include: T-shirts, musical recordings and educational videos.

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Welcome aboard!

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Welcome to steemit, cool picture ;)
All the best

Wow very attractive snapshot I like it

Welcome to the community hope you enjoy your stay here am still the only talkz transmission

Welcome to the community hope you enjoy your stay here am still the only talkz transmission

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Hallo Big nice white van.. Welcome to steemit.. I'm new here.. Let's be friend :)

Welcome to Steem, @thebigwhitevan!

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Welcome, I hope you'll do well!

I would suggest not using the introduce yourself tag again so you're not flagged for tag abuse as your post doesn't justify your introduction .

Welcome to Steemit family.Wish you all to achieve your targets .....We support each other and grow.

Great, nice meeting you! Good luck❤👌💞 I was offline for a moment but it feels food to be back! When did you decide to go on steemit? @thebigwhitevan
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