INTRODUCEYOURSELF: Hi I'm an UK final year student at University

5년 전

My name is Kiran and I’m a final year student at University in the UK, studying Computer Science.

I joined Steemit late last year after a close friend of mine introduced me to the platform.

My activity has been limited in terms of posts but I’ve been browsing the huge plethora of articles available.

I genuinely think that Steemit is awesome!

Blockchain is definitely the future and I believe that Steemit is one of the best ways to implement it for mass adoption.

When I first joined Steemit I had an idea about locking away your STEEM in either SD or STEEM in some form of a ‘bond’ (or gift voucher) for a determined period of time.

By locking away an amount of STEEM in a gift voucher you could then gift this to your friend or family member as a recognised transaction on the Blockchain.

If more people used this as a way of gifting to a friend or family member, an amount of STEEM, then this STEEM would effectively be taken out of the market for a length of time and thus will reduce the amount of STEEM available to others.

By reducing the amount of STEEM that’s in the market, this would most likely have an upward influence on the price of STEEM.

It’s important that there isn’t a 3rd party dealing with this, this should be seen as a transaction on the Blockchain and therefore fully transparent.

I thought I would share this with the Community and gauge how valuable this idea would be, as I would like to pursue this idea to a proposal.

Thank you for reading and please let me know what you think of the idea.

Kind Regards

Ps Please ignore the username, it’s somewhat of an habit!

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Hi Kiran. Welcome to Steemit. This is a brilliant idea as like you say it will effectively take STEEM off the market and thus leave less STEEM in the market for people to buy. The less STEEM there is in the market to buy the higher the probability that the price will rise. A great idea and resteemed. Stephen


Thanks for resteem and support! Looking forward to meeting other people.

welcome to steemit!


Thank you very much! Looking forward to contributing to the community.

Welcome to Steemit!


Sounds like a great idea I like steemit. So many different ways to earn.


Thank you very much! I think there'll be plenty more ideas in the future from the community.

Welcome to Steemit! The gifting idea is pretty darn interesting.


Thanks for the support!

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Welcome! Do they teach blockchain in computer science courses these days? It seems to be one of the technologies that will dominate and Steemit is a cool implementation. I think it has a future and I want to be part of it.

Hey Kiran!!
Excellent Idea to help drive up the value of Steem!

Welcome to Steemit @themeanbean! Great to have you here, enjoy and explore :-)

Hey Kiran, welcome to Steemit!

That actually sounds like a great idea. I don't think there's any reason why we couldn't do a trustless gift-card system, with a private key for a redeemable amount of Steem. It might take some time to get support for it, just keep mentioning it. You could also propose it over on the GitHub project.


Thanks for your support. I'm a little new to blogging, so still getting used to it! That's a really good point, I'll give the Steem GitHub project a shot.

Welcome to Steemit! Feel free to tag one of your posts a day with the wantwiserupvote tag so I can see it :) Details here.

Hi Kiran. Welcome to the steemit community ;)


Thanks. Looking forward to playing a part in the Steemit community!