Please welcome Drew of Fierce Gentlemen to Steemit!

2년 전

I am happy to announce to the Steemiverse that Drew of Fierce Gentlemen is now posting on steemit, @fiercegentleman.

What is Fierce Gentlemen?

Fierce Gentlemen is a community of men (and ladies) that have a mission to better the world. First starting with ourselves and our communities.

As a community we seek to improve ourselves daily. We don't fall into the traps of seeking status. We cultivate integrity and generosity.

I often compare Fierce Gentlemen to the chivalrous knights of old who practiced discipline, sought after wisdom, and had the courage to act.

Join Us, Be Fierce

I have been reading Drew's articles since 2014 and have always been inspired by them. I have probably forwarded more of his articles than anyone else's. So I hope Steemit will give him a warm welcome and a follow, you won't be sorry you did!

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Welcome @fiercegentlemen! I'm looking forward to be guided by your principles! Its nice you're now here!


Oops my bad, it is @fiercegentleman. I fixed the link in my article.

Welcome onboard! Hope you'll find it great in here..


This post wasn't for me, please read the post and go welcome Drew.

Welcome to the tribe :)


This post wasn't for me, please read the post and go welcome Drew.

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Hey ..... welcome to our community. I hope you find it good and it polishes your skills :)please be kind enough to follow me as well @azkaa plus let me know if you need any help....


This post wasn't for me, please read the post and go welcome Drew.


ohhh right. now i get it