Allow me to reintroduce myself ๐Ÿ˜Ž

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Hey Steemians I totally to forgot to do an "introduce yourself" post so here it is.

A little bit about me:
I am a Born Again Christian. Jesus is my King.
I'm 22-years- young.
I am married with 2 kids.
I'm a service tech Keurig, investor, and trader.
Finally, I love people.

My blog content won't just be about finances but also lifestyle, marriage, opinions, humor, and Christianity etc......

I look forward to the future for it is bright !

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Welcome to Steem @tristan1 I have upvoted and sent you a tip

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Hello Tristan1 I hope you enjoy your time here, its a great community ! Nice post, i will follow your account, please follow me at @khunfarang

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Welcome to Steemit @tristan1! It is great to have you here! :D

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@tristan1 - Welcome to Steemit community. Feel free to ask questions, if you need any help.

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