Who's me ? Introducing my way of living ....

4년 전

Hello everyone !

My name is Tiago, i live in Garopaba SC - Brasil, and i am here on steemit with objective to learn with you guys and share my experiences. At the moment i work with web development (Python) remotely from my home, i live here with my wife, Jaluza, and my old sister Carla or more know as Tety (kind of mother but that's for another post).

My passion

  • I live to learn new things
    I love learn new things and develop this news things to at least know very well how to do it and that it possible.

  • my dogs! (Especially Miusha, later a show some pictures)
    i have 4 dogs, 3 i found in the streets and one my wife bought for her, but after some time it was clear who the dog want as 'owner'.

  • Sports
    I love sports and already tried a lot of them, my favorites are, in order:
    Surf / SUP Wave, Kite Wave, Skate Bowl

  • Technology
    I work with web development , using python for now, but in a couple of weeks i am going to start my mining rig, and that`s the first experience i want to share with you guys!


I really love tech and crypto got my attention, i know bitcoin since March 2017, and find it very interesting... as i am learning how the crypto market moves and how to trade correctly, i found out that maybe in the mean time i could play with mining, so thats what i am going to share in the firsts couple of posts, my rig since day 0.

So Thats it!

Now you guys know who i am and what i expect,
i hope to make a lot of friends here too ...

See you guys!

Gallery (a lot of photos)


My wife:

My sister:


Little about me in Photos:

Some times the price is high

But in the end, Worth it !

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Welcome to Steemit @tyago! You won't regret the moment you joined, for sure! Enjoy your stay!
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Welcome to steemit dear friend @tyago, I've made good friends by searching 'introduceyourself' tag, i love newbies and delight in giving them a hand of friendship. Love from @maxdevalue, you have my up vote, and am sending some steem to your wallet right away, welcome.


Thanks @maxdevalue, just followed you... thanks for the warm welcome !!


I really appreciate @tyago, together WE CAN!

Hi Tiago! I'm from Florianopolis. Good to see the brazilian community growing here. No doubt we'll be dominating here soon like we generally do with social medias! Welcome to the platform!


Hello @ariane, nice to see a dog lover here ! We need to bring more 'Brasileiros' to steemit and maybe then start post in Portuguese too, it would be amazing! thanks for passing by!

Hi @tyago! Welcome to (what I believe will become) the best social network on the internet! I know it seems like a like a lot to learn at the start, there are a couple of things you can do without much effort to start getting your followership up quickly.

First, make sure to follow @bot-helper so you have a better chance at getting some exposure on your content. You can check out what I mean by taking a look at this link. Also consider following @minnowsunite and @minnowsupportproject

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Good luck getting started and just remember to take it a day at a time. Rome wasn’t built in a day!

P.S. - I hope your shoulder healed up well!

Hi and welcome to Steemit, I such you luck on your journey here.

Can I suggest you look into the #minnowsupportproject - a place for newbies to get help and support as they set out across Steemit. We have voting bots, a follow train where you can get followers and much help and advice.

Drop in to chat at https://discord.gg/v3GpU4N and tell aggroed I sent you

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Welcome to Steemit @tyago! Nice to meet you. Remember me when you are rich!

PS. Follow @ENAZWAHSDARB for entrepreneurial value content, my blog!

I am learning how to kitesurf now. Welcome to steemit! I am new here myself, and did a post to help other new steemians in the first week. Here it is if you want to check it out! Very simple stuff.
I am going to Follow you to keep up with your progress!
Good Luck fellow Steemian,

Hello Tiago!
I love your dog! He is a cute puppy .
Even do coding in Python for work.
Same like you, I started my crypto journey a few months back.
I found this place is amazing.
Here, we share our story and read others.
It's a place we connect and build a relation and grow together.
Best of luck with your steemit journey.
Looking forward reading your next post

Welcome to the community, Tiago! Follow me at https://steemit.com/@bitgeek

Welcome to steemit @tyago! If you ever have any questions related to the platform or crypto, let me know! I will be happy to help :)

Welcome to Steemit @tyago!
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Hi, nice to meet you, excellent greetings, if you want you can go to my profile and if you see something you like it would be great. regards