My First Peek on Steem Blocking, Attending Agro Expo 2019 in Nigeria

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It's cool to know of a platform as this where one can be sharing his/her thoughts and be earning some money at least for data cost.

I got to know about Steem through @Uyobong at the South South Agro Expo. I am a graduate of Agricultural Engineering and am currently undergoing my National Youth Service Corps in Uyo.

I will be glad to share the happenings on this Agro Expo and later on my life experiences and tips for your food processing and storage.

I hope to have a great time on this platform.

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Welcome @ujzuby
We are glad to have you here
Your steeming experience will be an enjoyable one
Steem On..!

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Welcome on board i know you will have a nice time here.

Resteemed your post for more visibility hopefully a curation trail may pick you post ☺

A nice one @uyobong.
And to you @ujzuby, hope you are Coming to stay?
If yes then welcome to steem.

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Welcome to the Steem Blockchain!

It takes;

Consistency, Perseverance & Engagements
to be successful on Steem.
Let's go of your temptation about Upvotes.
Steemit is not get rich quick platform, Steem on!.

Welcome once again!

Welcome onboard. I bet you'll enjoy your stay here.

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Welcome ujzuby!
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Welcome to Steemit! It's really a great place for the enthusiast writers and for the people who want to share their good work with the world!

Welcome to steemit @ujzuby.

Welcome the new steemians. Have a great day!

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