FEEDBACK TO STEEM BOCKCHAIN TEAM- Are you facing these issues?


I joined steemit platform on August 2018. The purpose was to learn about crypto currencies, get viewers for my blog and begin some earning. I feel, like me , many people join with the similar hope. However, newbies like me are facing following issues.

1.Clarity about bot use: I recently began to use few low cost bots. I found some of them indeed useful. However, there is no such transparency with respect to their operation. Many of us keep wondering, is it actually ethical to use bots?
If we look at high earning posts, much of their revenue comes from bots and not from curators. Can someone tell us, how much is return on investment here?

  1. Not able to get viewership: Up votes have risen from 0 to 15. But, there is no such improvement in comment section. It raises doubt in my mind. Do people actually read the content?
  1. Since last week’s HF20 issue, new users are still finding trouble in uploading and commenting on the post. For example, Yesterday, I got message saying ‘insufficient RCs’. So, one needs wait for next day to re-begin operations. When will this trouble resolve?
  1. There are some paid tutorials available. However, reviews from steem community members are mixed. Many see them as some kind of Scam.

Well, purpose of this write up is not to blame anyone but, to submit queries faced by new community members to the STEEM BLOCKCHAIN TEAM. Can we have official FAQ sections and TUTORIALS with regard to above queries?
I truly appreciate your commitment to revolutionize today’s Social Media. Yes, It is hard. That’s why only you people are doing 😊

Request to other Steemians: Add your queries and doubts in comment box. It will serve as feedback and also senior members can help us resolving the problem.

Finally, I would like to end with famous quote of Vince Lombardi,
’’People who work together will win, whether it be against complex football defenses or problems of modern technology ’’
Good Day.

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The “introduceyourself/introducemyself” tag is for creating one introductory post that tells us about you. Users are encouraged to use this tag exclusively for that, and not to reuse it.

More information:

The Game of Tags

I think these are the questions bothering many steemian and it is also true that you won't get answers from any top officials I guess.

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You are right Hafiz. Atleast some clarity should evolve . It can help all New comers.

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