First Steemit Post: Truth, Spec Fic, Machine Learning

4년 전

Hello world.

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Hey all. Three things about me.

  1. I'm interested in how to make decentralized platforms sources of good information. By good information I mean information that is both true and relevant. So obviously I'm interested in things like Augur, but I'm also interested in how to construct structures so that something like Steemit holds solid content. The current public purveyors of content around the world, news and media, are notoriously unreliable--in the sense that they both tell lies, and they cannot discern what is important--no matter where you live. I'd be interested in the kind of community practices that make things like Steem better sources of information. If there's a good place to start to learn more about current efforts in this direction, so I can contribute, tell me!

  2. I love speculative fiction. If William Gibson, Neal Stephenson, and Jorge Luis Borges had a threesome and a child was somehow born nine months later, that would be my ideal writer. I also like to write, and will probably attempt to write here. If there's a community for that kind of thing here, either for recommending or writing such works, I'd be interested in it!

  3. I'm interested in machine learning. Hope to increasingly work with it professionally. Most particularly interested in persistent, multipurpose agents, or any kind of research that looks like it's advancing towards actual agenty intellects.

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Hahah i loved the "hello world" , very C++ . Welcome to Steemit !

1. I'm interested in how to make decentralized platforms sources of good information Yes and Yes again !


Thanks, good to be here!


good to have you here. I am looking for developers music enthusiasts spread the word :)

Welcome. On the evidence of this post alone, I can already tell you're going to do great here. You have a lot to offer and your interests align with the consensus. You'll need to use more tags in your posts though.

Also, posts stop earning after the seventh day which means any upvote after that point is tragically wasted.


Thanks for the welcome, and for the advice re. tags. Still a noob.

Welcome to this steemit family ! i hope you enjoy here ! @arvindkumar #followtofollow #liketolike #Resteem

Good to have you here Vermis. You should also do well to reply to comments as that will show us you are human and not a self-righteous prick. Welcome to Steemit! 😀

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