RE: Introducing Viuly | Our VIU Token Pre-Sale is HAPPENING NOW for the NEXT 4 days | (Bounty Program info)

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Introducing Viuly | Our VIU Token Pre-Sale is HAPPENING NOW for the NEXT 4 days | (Bounty Program info)

3년 전

@furion we now understand why you have been so adamantly attacking us. We were not aware that you were actually the creator of the viewly platform. The name issue was addressed above with documentation showing we have had our domain name since 2014 not in any way to be like your site (which didn't exist yet), but because English is not the only language in the world and for our initial target demographic "viu" instead of "view" was more adequate, case in point:

As for our relation to steemit, since the announcement, we have been working with our development team to see how smart media tokens could be integrated within our platform to provide even more value to users. This is why we decide to join the steemit community. However our main focus has always been to be a Patreon on the blockchain not a viewly.

An ICO "at the same time" would be on the same day, and our ICO is not running on the same exact day as yours. The final factor is there is enough space in this market for plenty of similar projects, but in no way is our platform exactly similar to yours...JUST TRY OUR ALPHA.

Finally, as you are a content creator, and seem to love trolling the fuck out of us, we invite you to host your content on our platform since you are already familiar with its structure. We think you would adapt to it nicely.

Best Regards,
Your Friends at the Viuly Team

Perhaps this Medium Article would put some of your concerns at ease.

Also please don't be afraid to join our Telegram Community. Our fast growing group of loyal fans and investors would love to hear what you have to say.

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If Furion was indeed the creator . . . would you care to show proof of this? This is a pretty strange revelation if it were true . .


Hello @shawnfishbit,

It's a revelation for the Viuly staff, but apparently it's public knowledge here on steemit per the first few opening lines in this article by @furion's cohort @isacoin where they are continuing to bash our platform enjoyed by thousands of current users. He says,

To clarify first:

This ICO Viuly is 100% a copycat scam.

The Original ICO is Viewly by @furion

This was actually news to us until we thought about how aggressive and passionate he has been to bash us every chance he gets and then we realized it was less about being a beacon of truth on the steemit platform and more about being the creator of Viewly.


please explain this to me:

Same number of likes again and again?