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Welcome to our new home! Those of you familiar with our monthly Top 3 Contest may have seen the shift to the new page already, but this is our official announcement to get you acquainted with our new digs! In addition to our former and current entrants, this is a great opportunity to remind the greater STEEM community what we are all about and invite you to come join us each month.

What Is Your Top 3 All About?

It all began with a bit of banter among the panelists as they picked each others favourite movies apart, big time! As conversation moved to other cool topics like music, games and food, we then thought, “Why not expand this and let everyone have a go?”

After much discussion about how we can expand this to the rest of the STEEM community, we decided to create the YourTop 3 Monthly Contest, where you can join in the fun and win prizes as well.

On the 1st of each month, we'll start a new contest where we'll be asking you what your top 3 picks are for the chosen topic of that round by writing a blog post along with an entry fee. This entry fee is not only to make you eligible for the contest but to build the prize pool as well. If your 3 nominations score the most points you can win a brilliant prize!

The Panel

The topic of each round, along with deciding the prizes, will be discussed between 4 members of the “The Panel”. So let’s meet them!

Nicky Havey steemit.jpg
Drum & Bass Producer who also write Travel Blogs

Foxyspirit steemit.jpg
I am a sahm and baker. I enjoy nature and everything that it provides.

Plantstoplanks steemit.jpg
Personal trainer and nutrition consultant specializing in plant-based food! I love sharing food, fitness tips, and other random fun posts.

Gaz steemit.jpg
Husband and Dad. ESL Teacher and Football Coach. I love Travel, Music, Crypto and Sport.

How Does It Work?

This is not your average Top 3 quiz and the Panel have spent many an hour around the meeting room to decide on how it will work.

Step 1 - Contest Introduction Post

You will need to keep a look out for our Contest Introduction post on the first of each month, this will mark the start of the contest and contain all the information about it!

In this introduction post, we'll announce the topic for the contest where you'll need to nominate your top 3 selections. The topic could be anything from movies, music, food etc.

Step 2 - Enter the Contest & Write About Your Top 3

To be eligible for the contest, you'll need to:

1 - Create a blog post with your top 3 nominations along with your reasoning behind these nominations.
2 - Split the post payout of your blog post 50/50 with the @yourtop3 - this will be your entry fee and be added to the total prize pool for the month's contest.

Step 3 - The Top 3 Dpoll

Then it's up to you, the Steem community, to vote for your favourites on the dpoll. This dpoll will feature all of the submitted nominations from the community so you will have a wide range of choices!

Step 4 - DPoll Points System

This is a revolutionary new system (OK, maybe not THAT revolutionary), concocted by the Panel (with the help of a few maths teachers around the world) that we'll be using to decide the Top 3 Prize winners. Once the dpoll is completed, we'll add up the scores from the results and our internal points system.

Step 5 - Prizes Prizes Prizes!

Once we have tallied up the scores from the dpoll entrants, the prizes will be given out from the Your Top 3 STEEM account to the top 3 places!

The prizes get divided up by a combination of the final position (1st, 2nd and 3rd) and by the amount of entry fee given. The other 25% will be left for the Panel to grow the account to give bigger prizes and upvotes to contest entries.

If anyone would like to delegate to @yourtop3 to increase the upvote then that's of course welcomed and we thank you for it! Delegation links are at the bottom of the blog.

Your Top3

So there you have it, the Your Top 3 monthly contest introduction post. We're looking forward to seeing how this all continues to grow and expand as time goes on. Thank you all for your support so far! Keep your eyes peeled shortly for the current @dpoll post to decide this rounds winners!


Your Top 3 Panel

Delegate to @yourtop3:

If you were previously delegating, please make sure you move your delegations over to our new account here at @yourtop3. We’ve provided some handy links for you below:

5SP 10SP 25SP
50SP 100SP 150SP
200SP 250SP 300SP
400SP 500SP 1000SP

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Nice move, Top 3 (4) peeps!
All ready for #2020steem 😁





Thanks a lot SM 😊 Let's get that #2020vision going!

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Thank you so much for the positive feedback! It was a pleasure working together and hope that will happen again in the future ❤️


Thanks a lot little Gabriela 💪

Another awesome display of your design skills here and we're so grateful for your effort and time with them all 😊

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Thanks for the kind words :D

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congrats and sent youse a little delegation <3


Ah wow thank you so much @thekitchenfairy! We are very grateful 😊

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You're awesome. Thanks @thekitchenfairy

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Well check out this badass with her gifs and curation and JUJU!

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Woot woot! Let the games begin! The ball is now rolling... I don't have words, I'm too excited!

Congratulations on moving out of "beta". This is such a fun contest run by a great international team. Wish you well with this new chapter!


Thanks so much for your awesome support @fionasfavourites and giving us some kick ass posts for the contest!

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You are very welcome. Long may it continue 😀🙋‍♀️


Haha! Queen of Gifs, we salute 🙇

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LOL! Happy to help spread the good juju, Nicky dear! 🍻




Thanks @fionasfovourites

We appreciate all of you too. We're going to work hard to make sure we stay fun and keep improving.

New top 3 for the win! 😬😬😬


Boom! 💪

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Oh yeah! 🤟 Thanks @chekohler

Let's see if this works too...

@tipu curate


You're very welcome, @cheese4ead and company!

Nice tips, keep it up👍

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Very excited for your continued success. My delegation has been moved!


Thank a lot for being a part of it all and moving the delegation over @blueeyes8960! Looking forward to the future 😀

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Welcome to steemit @yourtop3.

Welcome the new steemians. Have a great day!

This is awesome guys!!! I fixed my delegation too!!.


Thanks a lot @tryskele, happy birthday for the other day too! 😁

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Brilliant. Thanks @tryskele

Yeaaaaahhhhh boiiiiiiiiiiii!

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Hey @yourtop3, here is a little bit of BEER from @simplymike for you. Enjoy it!

The next contest will be announced December 1st? I'm sorry, but I forget - is this period we're in still the comfort foods contest going on, or did I miss one? I wouldn't be surprised if I did, lol. I have a hard time keeping up with the status of this contest for some reason!


Hey there! Yes, the next contest will be announced on December 1st. We are still in the comfort foods month, so right now just gathering the entry fees from contestants then the dpoll will come out most likely Monday with all the choices to vote on! We just switched over to the new account now after the entry period was over, but all the rest of the protocol is currently the same. :) Should be a fun dpoll with all of the great choices!

Like it good to see collaborations growing on here 💯🐒


For sure man! We're hoping to onboard folks from Twitter as well and introduce them to steem via this contest/community.

Would love to get as many involved as possible and if you'd like to join the Discord or the contest, it'd be great to have you with us my fellow dnb head 😁

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Right on i'll drop by 💯🐒

Hey yourtop3! If you would like to make your personal feed contain the top trending media and talking points of the whole internet, consider following @coffeebreak and @topicstoday accounts - And welcome to Steem!

Hey yourtop3! If you would like to make your personal feed contain the top trending media and talking points of the whole internet, consider following @coffeebreak and @topicstoday accounts - And welcome to Steem!