Top 5 Cryptocurrency Investment Strategies - Newbie to newbie

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I am Yuz and this is my first post on steemit.

Before I start, I just want to let you know that English is not my first language and I am also not a good writer in particular. But I hope you still can enjoy a little bit of what I am writing.

I consider myself a newbie when it comes to cryptocurrency, because I just started to read about it a few weeks ago.
A few minutes ago I read an article on Coinworld by Victor Hedman and thought everyone should know about it especially someone, like me, who just started getting into cryptocurrency.

The 5 ways to become rational when investing in cryptocurrency:

  1. Educate yourself
  2. Invest in value
  3. Hodl. Yes, seriously. Do not attempt to day-trade.
  4. Diversify
  5. Never invest to the point of emotional commitment

Here is the link of the article:

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Welcome to Steem @yuz I have sent you a tip

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Thank you :)

Hi guys ... welcome to steemit. What are you doing @yus. Glad to see a new face here in this community. Let's work and show the world that we can do anything here with confidence and perseverance, I'm sure you can do well, I hope to see some of your better new posts. I always support you here.
And I also want to wish you success in your current adventure.

  ·  3년 전

Looks like I forgot to upload a picture -.-

Welcome to the community, Yuz! Follow me at