Let me introduce myself

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Hello, all!
I want to introduce myself to my steemit community is #Zaki Mubarak working as a photojournalist in a private media company in Aceh. My birth in Sigli January 15, 1981, Pidie District, Aceh Province.

My profession is looking for great photo photo moments, event photos, ceremonial photos, and documentation event photos. But I also write for online media.

Actually, since August 2017 I joined Steemit, but there are some things that keep me busy in the work so I can now be active.

I am very relaxed and loves to organize, read, culinary travel and traveling trips. Of course that's important, I like to connect with people who are creative and respectful to others.

I know steemit, through my close friends so I try and want to know more deeply for this steemit medsos.

I also thank the steamit community #aceh hopefully by joining me on this blog can provide positive information to the community.

I studied under the guidance of @ayijufridar, @vannour, @abudar, @curisea, @zainalbakri, @armiden, @azirgraff. Thanks for the clue how to join the steemit community.

I am excited to create content and connect with others. I hope there is support from friends who have already joined in Steemit @ jaff, @agamsaia, @kharrazi @ejhaasteem, @saifuelbahrie, @zikmaulana, @fachrulreza, @agustiarismail, @fernandes, @steemvest17.

Thank you for steemit friends, hope this be the first step to success for us all.


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Welcome to Steemit!

Puang bos besar andalangue yg disana


thank you, please visit my blog

welcome @zakimubarak in the world of steemit


Thanks You


Thanks You, For visiting in my blog

Ahlan wa sahlan. Wellcome to steemit. All the best


You are welcom

Wellcome komendan @zakimubarak keep working well and you are amazing


Siap, thanks, my freinds

Selamat datang Brader @zakimubarak


Welcom juga dek Rahmat Mirza

Hello @zakimubarak welcome to the blog of social networking steemit, hope you want to share information for the good of us all, success for you.


thank you, hope we can cooperate

Introduce yourself is freedom
I am proud that you are here
thanks and best regards aceh steemit community


thanks my brother, hope we can establish good relationship through steemit

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Bereh Pak jak. Selamat datang


Selamat datang juga pak jafar di blog @zakimubarak

BRat that bak geupeutimang laptop pak @zakimubarak


Hahahaha, betoi bang

@zakimubarak Welcome to Steemit

welcome zaki. glad to see you've joined on this great social media. i wish you get lucky and succees. tabek.


Oke bang @zainalbakri, i hope you cant help me, thanks