#introduceyourself-I'm purepinag and new steemit member

4년 전

Hello steemian's!

My name is zasika and i'm so excited to join steemit
Now i'm 17 year age and studing at a university.
I've heard a lot about steemit and everyone thinks it's a good community.excited about the people here working honestly. All of my friend say's i'am an easygoing and that I am always chosen and driven forward to learn new things.
I'm from Bangladesh,my father is now london and he is a businessman.my mother is a private school teacher.
I am very interested in photography and it's my hobby
Since i'm new to steemit everyone help me and i can work honestly here.

Everybody pray for me,thanks

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@zasika you have really got great writing skills.. Welcome to steem community where people help each other grow and share ideas and information about what they know keep it up waiting eagerly for your new post :)

Hello zasika, welcome to steemit family....its nice to know you.... :D






Nice to have you here dear, am also new here,

hello ~ welcome to steemit i am louis...
lets help each other by upvoting and follow each other
do visit my profile too.

Welcome, Zasika!

Hello, I'm Oatmeal Joey, and I like your photos.

Welcome @zasika .

people like us should come to this community. Everyone is very helpful here. Contents are great.
And I am also from Bangladesh 🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩 😊✌.


Thanx again @r2cornell For your continuing support.

your so cute..
you will be my friend..?


Welcome to steemit!

As long as you post good content, we will keep supporting you!
Don't worry!

It may be rough at the beginning, but don't give up.

(Also don't forget to learn which passwords to use and when and how to secure them, very important)

Welcome to steemit.. Enjoy the platform here and the people here.. :-)

Welcome to Steemit Zasi

Welcome to steemit.
Enjoy this platform

looking nice in glasses welcome

Welcome to the new platform..i wish you get success to this community at first you to sure that whose type of post you posted in this platform and then you follow ,upvote and commant...

you looks so beautiful my dear zasika

Welcome to steemit.. Enjoy the platform here and the people here..

Welcome to Steemit community ..Hope you will have a great time there :)

awesome introduce... welcome to steemit.

wooow @zasika youre very cute..
welcome to Steemit, I hope you consistant.
your post is very good because @r2cornell resteem

Welcome to Steemit @zasika. You have done a very nice introduction. It is a pleasure to meet you.

I will resteem and upvote. I am sure some of my followers will welcome you to this great platform.


Thank you so much r2cornell sir


@zasika you are welcome and thanks to @r2cornell he is really helping us




Thank you.


You are a boss sir


Thank you.

welcome to steemit community... here all people are helpful... & u are lucky that @r2cornell sir helped you... he is really a good man... i salute him... 👍

welcome to steemit my dear @zasika:-). God bless you.

Hi..welcome to steemit!!

Hi @zasika. Welcome to steemit family and happy to know you. I am just following you . You are awesome. :)