Introduce myself a new user in Steemit

4년 전

Hi all steemit friends, introduce my name Zulfahmi Aron, usually friends call me Mr. Fahmi.

I was born in the village of Dayah Aron, District of Syamtalira Aron, North Aceh District, Aceh Province, Indonesia. In the village besides the Exxon Mobil Oil natural gas plant 30 years ago I was born and spent my childhood.

Like other children my childhood spends time studying in elementary school, junior high school, high school and college.

Since childhood I have a hobby of learning, reading and writing. My many times I give to study, read and write. Until now I have established several online media and print media as a form of my hobby.

In addition, I also really like visiting the place of historic place either in the country or abroad.

My time is also a lot I give to adventurer see nature, historic place both inside the country or abroad with my family.

My life experiences, knowledge and the results of my explorations are often shared with my friends through social media.

This is me @zulfahmiaron with my friends in Lhokseumawe City, Aceh. and @azirgraff right behind me

After knowing the existence Steemit from my colleague @azirgraff, then I want to try to share knowledge, and get information from all friends through this steemit.

Thank you very much to my friends here, may our days bright and happy.

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Welcome to steemit @zulfahmiaron :D

  ·  4년 전

Welcome to steemit my friend.

Welcome to this platform.....

Saleum Tueka bak steemit,,Tgk @zulfahmiaron


Teurimong geunaseh bang @arajab teungoh lon pelajari steemit :D :D

Hey there and welcome to Steemit!
If you have any questions or tutorial requests, you can always turn to me😀


Welcome to blog Steemit