My Introduction

4년 전

Hello guys,

this is my first post, so it will be my introduction. I heard about Steem actually a long time ago, but I saw it always as a small community, which has no influence or so. 

But I kept hearing about Steem and expecially the nice and great Community, so i am now here to join you guys. First of all, i really think that Steemit is a great idea. A social platform without ads ? Where you can post your stuff and share it with others ? And that while earning money ? 

The best thing is, that this is based on the cryptographical movements, which i am very interested in. We can help out each other e.g. giving tips and tricks. In my closer enviroment actually noone is interested in cryptographics, so i hope you are.

I hope my expectations of this site will come true, to have a fun time with you guys.

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