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Oh my God the steam price is falling
are you attempting to sell your tokens? I don't blame you because today I lost $20 because of the price. But I love the platform I love steam it, I love Dlive. and Dtube. I believe it has a lot of potential. And I think it can be worth something someday. I do believe since the price has fallen this is a great time to buy. If you believe as well give me a thumbs up. It's funny how people have this great emotion when it comes to money especially investing. I have made money in the crypto market and I have also lost money. But I would not invest my money into something that I don't believe in. I'm sure you are the same way? I do see the steam community will be better than youtube, reddit, and youtube. And the reason why I'm saying this is because the payouts. With YouTube you have to have a ton of likes and finally. But with steemit the people are in control the people are in control. If you not have seen my recent post about this girl earning additional thousand dollars you should definitely check it out. What separates this platform with others platforms is the relationship with other people. Remember this is a social platform. In a way this is all set up his genius. And the long-term I could see it reaching more than it is today. The people gives steam tokens value.

This is catchmeoutside and I'll be uploading great content for you guys.

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