Hello Steemit, heres my Introduction....

3년 전

My name is Chris and I would like to start of with a Congratulations to the Steemit community, you have garnered enough of my attention to finally provoke me into the proverbial black hole known as social media. After completely abstaining from the likes of Twitter, FaceBook, Instagram, SnapChat and pretty much every other social media outlet in existence. I must admit, it wasn't the social aspect of the platform that initially drew my attention however, it is growing on me after spending the last several days poking around.

What does interest me is the underlying architecture that powers the platform as a whole. It's elegance and permanence, it almost gives you a sense of elitism. Everything from the waiting period to claim a free account to the clearly displayed monetary value associated with every post, comment and reply makes it truly rewarding to be part of the community. Even while typing this introduction I find myself rethinking it to make sure it sounds right to me, after all, it can never be deleted.

As of late I have been extremely interested in blockchain technology and learning how it can be applied to areas other than cryptocurrencies. This is by far the most interesting use case I have seen put into place. I am really looking forward to seeing how the community develops, evolves and progresses and would love to be an active part of it.

If you have made it this far I appreciate the read!

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@chris.geese, congratulations on making your first post! I gave you an upvote!

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Welcome to steemit Chris!!


Thank you!