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Hi my name is Gordy Onokpite, a broadcast journalist, public affairs analyst and cryptocurrency enthusiast. I love spreading information about healthy and wealthy living, eradicating poverty of mind and pocket. Breaking boundaries, barriers and reaching out to new horizons. Let's do it together on this #Steeming #Steemit platform.

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Welcome to steemit! looking forward to your post.

Hi @gordosucces
Nice untuk bisa melihat mu

#introduction nama saya @wanpelor saya from #aceh sumatra selamat datang di #steemit
Saya juga masih baru di #steem masih harus belajar dari senior2
Senang bertemu dengan kalian semua ..
Silahkan ikuti saya @wanpelor and upvote
Salem mebahgia ke rakan mandum

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