Introduction about myself


I am Melvin Simaeys, born on 28 Sept 1993. i was born Gaborone, Botswana. Half Belgian, half Motswana, which makes me a hybrid. :-D I am the only child, raised by my mom. I got two dogs, Nori and Bruno, which are the bundles of my life. Currently I am not doing anything, since my life always has up and downs, and more so downs.
I have been a diabetic for 22 years, maybe that’s the reason why i haven’t done well academically (being that am so forgetful). I have been aspiring to be a Trance music producer, but that has not happened because of the support in the country I live. Since everyone is interested in hip-hop and rap, they actually think my music is for crazy people.
Growing up has been an emotional roller coaster. Depression, low self-esteem, loneliness, introvert and a tad bit of craziness have basically summed up how I feel on a daily basis. Growing alcohol always followed my around: A dad who drank on a daily and died of cancer when I was a fable child: To a mother who also drank her emotions away to the bottle, and worst, bringing home a step father who was also a fish in the bottle. In time the so called child with a lovely later on started running away from his emotions only got me drinking up a fifth, and with my explosive behavior any type of acquaintanceship is definitely shut down. Trying to commit suicide have horribly failed twice, seems like my work on earth ain’t done yet. Academically I was able to finish high school, but tertiary is the part I can’t seem to finish. Failing tertiary three times has become a ‘Freddy’ like horror in my dreams.
If you could say having a PlayStation 2, a couple of smart phones and a laptop is a major achievement then, it definitely is. Seriously it seems only drinking two straights before I black out is easier than going for my dreams, but then again being sober for over a year is the worst. Having random memories of embarrassing, hurtful and disturbing moments really kills whatever sense of well-being I have left on earth.
So far audio books from Alan Watts, Shinzen Young and Resilient have somehow kept me from drowning in my emotions and making me realize the type of person I am. Somehow growing up in a Catholic church has never made me learn from life since I was forced to be there in the first place. I guess making me fit into society with a tanned skin and oriental looks didn’t work out for the old folks in my life.
One touching documentary that turned me from a “toughy” to a “softy” was The Arrivals, that conspiracy theory nonsense almost wasted my time into believing everyone could change. But at the end I realized that you can only change people buy giving them what they want. Which is money, and everything these days is about money. But documentaries from Gary Lite’s Youtube channel on isoteric theory and sacred geometry has made me realize changing people around wasn’t for me to do, but to understand what society is going through and appreciate it.
If it wasn’t for The Arrivals, I probably would have been in prison by now.
Never had luck in relationships, I always can give advice on them but never could last 3 months in one. Same as every low income job I get into. I always get pissed off at the ignorance of the supervisor or manager that claims to have been working at the place for over 10years. No wonder why most Batswana aren’t interested in working, because you basically go to work and get mistreated. Why would anyone want to go to work to hear someone either: bring their problems from home, tell you how special they are in their positions, or and mostly everywhere; tell you are not putting any effort in your work. All I know is “Lead by example, not preach through your air hole.”
I am not much of a book reader, because i have a short attention span and will definitely fall asleep after reading a page.
But if I am A somebody to how society loves labeling things, then I would definitely be a nobody, especially how my mom sees me. “Satan” in her words, that’s how she describes me in front of her peers. But the people that know me well know I am a workaholic physically. Even a couple of soldiers, once told me if I could become “Dangerous.” Because of the journey I took to school from my home, still not sure how many kilometer’s it was but roughly 5-7km. I would get to school in less than an hour and even timed myself almost on a weekly journey. Why use public transport while passing through the Broadhurst National Park was a scene. Seeing the ostriches, impala, monkeys, African squirrels and some huge rodent which I never got the name of was always lovely.
If ever there was a tune to make me fall in love with trance and progressive house, then it’s definitely Faxing Berlin by Deadmau5. I swear it always sounded like Africa by Toto. This is probably where trying to be a music producer came from, but meh, it wasn’t for me I guess.

Anyway my interests are football, trance music (a whole lot of it I might ad), cars, gaming, art, UFC and nutrition. From the Koenisegg Gemera’s sexiness to the Subaru WRX STi waste-gate purr: Premier League clubs especially Arsenal success and what they need to build on: and nutritional herbs will be my line of topic. Hopefully I will post some information on these topics until I find my niche.
Holiday destination would definitely be on an island somewhere anywhere. I have only seen the ocean once, Walvis Bay. The sea really makes me wonder what ghosts live in that hollow, ultramarine belly of the ocean. The deserted ships, sand boarding, quad biking and taking pictures with the seals where definitely highlight of the trip and this was about 16 years ago.
If there are ever Gods living with us at the moment, and yes I do mean Gods. They would be: Armin van Buuren, Above & Beyond, Tiesto, Deadmau5, Avicii (R.I.P), Eric Prydz, Ilan Bluestone and Axwell. Then yes my love for so called dance music would be a fetish.

Hopefully Steemit can help me build a platform I can become confident in. And seriously, there should be an easier way to log on to this platform.
It may not be a very happy introduction, but at least it’s the brutal honest truth. And if you took time to read this, thank you very much. It’s probably the first time I have ever written anything meaningful. I just hope it makes sense, because I really think its crap and embarrassing.
And on that bombshell!

Hello, Steemit society!!!!! :-P

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thanks alot.

Hi Melvin, first of all, welcome to Steemit. We hope you find here what you need. Did you make your post on a mobile device? It might be great for your readers that you use a little bit more the enter button.

It makes it a lot more fun to read! How did you find out about Steemit? And what do you mean by easier to log-in? (Do you speak dutch or french, I see you are half Belgian?) Let us know what kind of things you like and we point you to the right communities here! Cheers

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Hello, thanks for having me. i definitely do hope i find what i need here. lol nope, wrote it down on my laptop. i came across Steemit last year through a youtube channel. the channel spoke about Steemit and what to post. So then i went on to write my long intro which i have been meaning to edit but then i never realy got back to the steemit site cause it is a hastle to log in. I saw the document about "my steemit intro" and just decided to see whats going on on this steemit platform everybody seems to be talking and post it.

I found out about steemit on this channel. Its a really informative channel on tech info, blockchain and current affairs.

Well Login In is a bit of an issue, it needs to bee improved without have to use the long login codes for different steem it accounts. Maybe even one code with cryptographic information for all the the user accounts to be logged into, i don"t know.

I barely speak any dutch, last time i was in Belgium was probably back in 2001.

My interests are cars, tech info, games and football. To some it all up i guess.

And thank you very much for your reply. I am still learning steemit, I am gonna need all the help i can get.